- You can watch the 30-minute Before The Bell: Slammiversary episode in the video above.

- Johnny Gill won Bracket 14 in the Gut Check Challenge. Bracket 16 starts tomorrow.

- Bully Ray was on Jimmy Stewart's podcast, who is the producer Felger & Mazz, to promote Slammiversary. The interview started out in character, as Stewart stated that he wasn't that excited to be interviewing Bully Ray since he took out Jeff Hardy. The conversation almost immediately seemed to legitimately anger Bully Ray when the producer called Hardy a "phenomenal athlete," while Bully was "an average" one.

"Honestly, [I'm] instantly offended that you... like for real, in real life, right now immediately offended that you would call me a mediocre athlete," Bully said. "You really should take it back if you want the interview to continue. I will walk out this door if you're going to start off this interview questioning my athletic ability. After all of my success, you're going to question my athletic ability? There's not a damn thing in the wrestling ring I can't do, and I bet you there's not one thing that you can do."

Stewart went on to apologize to Bully and the interview continued, you can download and listen to it by clicking here.

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