- WWE posted the slideshow above looking at the "greatest diva photos ever."

- Mick Foley posted his latest blog here, which he described as a "@JohnCena pipebomb" on his Twitter. In the tongue-in-cheek entry, Foley rants about fans claiming to be his biggest fan and asking him for a follow, even though they are obvious John Cena fans.

- WWE.com has a fun piece looking at 8 urban legends here. Some of the true urban legends listed are The Rockers being fired in 1988, Andre the Giant once drinking 156 beers in one setting and WWE loaning ECW money in the 90s. Some of the false ones are that there were two Ultimate Warrior's, Bret Hart was in on the Montreal screwjob, and Randy Savage caused Hulk Hogan's black eye at WrestleMania 9.

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