As noted earlier, wrestling legend Bobby Eaton was once again hospitalized this past Sunday. He had a breathing tube inserted, which was removed yesterday. He will remain in the hospital until his heart rate is more stable.

Eaton's sister, Debbie Lewis, posted the following update on Facebook earlier today:

Goodmorning ! Update own my Brother , Bobby Eaton. Talked to the Nurse today. BOBBY is still improving . He knows wherd his at an what year it is . Still has away to go.His Heart rate is the same .so keep the prayers coming . Thankyou

Jim Ross also blogged about Eaton in his latest blog. He wrote:

"Prayers go out to Beautiful Bobby Eaton who is apparently gravely ill in a hospital in Jonesboro, Arkansas as I understand it. Bobby was a member of the amazing, Midnight Express with both Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane who, of course, were managed by the incomparable Jim Cornette. They were one of the greatest tag teams that I ever saw in my 39 years in the biz. Watts, after visiting Memphis to orchestrate a talent trade, put Bobby and Dennis together as a team with Corny as their erasable manager and the rest is history. The team, along with the Rock 'n Roll Express helped set Mid South on fire back in the day.

"Bobby Eaton is one of the nicest guys and most genuine talents that I've ever had the privilege to work with in my career. The Huntsville, Alabama native had uncanny timing and awareness in the ring as well as being a reliable, team player. No territory could ever have enough 'Bobby Eaton's.'

"Get better Bobby and know that you are in my thoughts."

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