NXT opens up with a match, with Sawyer Fulton and Travis Tyler already waiting in the ring.

The Wyatt Family vs. Sawyer Fulton and Travis Tyler

Harper and Tyler start off. Harper kicks him and clubs him to the mat. He hits a back elbow and then chops Tyler. He takes Tyler to the corner and Rowan comes in. Rowan lands three body slams. He then headbutts Tyler. Rowan takes him back to his corner and Harper comes in. Rowan puts Tyler on the turnbuckle and Harper delivers multiple chest strikes. Harper picks Tyler up for a move and he escapes out behind him. He tags Fulton in.

Harper lands a big boot. He whips Fulton into the corner and then charges him. Harper then hits the discus clothesline for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Back from commercial and Stephanie McMahon is shown to make an announcement. She announces the NXT Women's Championship and that next week a tournament will begin to crown the first champion.

Emma vs. Audrey Marie

They're both standing in the middle of the ring and Emma calls for her music to play again. She starts dancing around the ring and Audrey shoves her to the mat. She whips Emma into the corner and charges her, but Emma bails to the apron and drives a shoulder into Audrey's stomach for a two count. Audrey locks in a wrist lock and slams Emma's head to the mat for a two count. Emma gets a quick pin attempt and Audrey back bends out into a gut wrench Suplex for a near pin fall.

Emma hits a backslide pin attempt for a two count. Emma locks in a tarantula and breaks it at the three count. She hits Audrey with a crossbody in the corner and then slingshots her head into the mat. Emma locks in the Emma Lock (a bridging inverted Indian Deathlock, with a Chinlock as well) and Audrey taps.

Winner: Emma

Renee Young is then backstage with Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan. Sylvester Lefort walks up and asks Young what she is doing. He says he is the manager and that he will handle communication. He then tells Dawson and Dylan to come with him because they have a match.

Brandon Traven and Jake Carter vs. Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan (with Sylvester Lefort)

Dawson and Carter start things off. They tie up and chain wrestle. Carter takes Dawson into the corner and lands a series of body strikes. He goes for a Suplex, but Dawson reverses it and Carter ends up on the apron. Dylan pulls him off and his head hits the apron. Dawson sends him back into the ring and hits a snap mare, followed by a series of elbow and knee drops. Dylan comes in and lands a body slam. He punches Carter in the head on the mat.

Dawson comes back in and kicks Carter in the gut. He snap mares him and then delivers an elbow to the traps. He locks Carter in a submission. Carter fights to his feet and tags in Traven. Traven lands a dropkick and tries to knock Dylan off the apron, but he moves. Traven turns around and gets hit with a clothesline by Dawson. Dawson tags Dylan in, whips Traven and lands a Spinebuster. As soon as the Spinebuster lands, Dylan hits a sitting double axe handle from up top for the win.

Winners: Garrett Dylan and Scott Dawson

Big E. Langston vs. Derrick Bateman

Bateman hits a flying elbow and multiple strikes, taking Langston into the corner. Langston shoves him off, but Bateman comes right back and hits a dropkick. He lands a few chops and then multiple punches. He mounts Langston and starts punching him in the head, but Langston leaves the corner and drops him to the mat. Langston hits his running body block and then the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E. Langston

After the match, Langston hits another Big Ending and the five count.

18 Man Battle Royal- Winner becomes the number one contender to the NXT Championship

Everyone starts brawling. Ohno tries to toss out Wyatt unsuccessfully. Graves tries to eliminate Sakamoto, but he fights back in. Mason Ryan eliminates Sakamoto. Ryan then eliminates Briley Pierce, then Kurt Hawkins. Ryan eliminates Alexander Rusev. Ohno and Wyatt double team someone before going at it again. Ryan tosses Baron Corbin and then Knuckles Madsen out. Ryan eliminates Mojo Rawley and then Yoshi Tatsu. Ryan tosses Dante Dash out. Aiden English hits Ryan from behind and then stares at his fist in horror. Ryan eliminates him. Ryan attacks Sami Zayn and tosses him out of the ring onto all of his other eliminations.

Ryan picks Adrian Neville up and tries to powerbomb him out of the ring, but Neville holds onto the ropes and flips Ryan out of the ring, eliminating him. Back from commercial and Wyatt and Conor O'Brian are staring each other down. O'Brian screams at him and then they start exchanging strikes. O'Brian boots Wyatt out, but through the middle rope. Ohno and Graves team up to eliminate O'Brian and then Wyatt runs up from behind, eliminating both of them. Wyatt, Bo Dallas and Neville are the only three remaining. Wyatt starts attacking both of them and hits Dallas with Sister Abigail.

Neville hits Wyatt with an enziguri and then eliminates him. Dallas charges Neville, who pulls the ropes down. Dallas flies over the ropes, but hangs on. Neville walks over and tries to pull his fingers off the ropes, but Dallas pulls him down. Neville hangs on to the ropes and kicks his feet around to prevent them from touching the ground. Neville gets back in the ring. They exchange strikes back and forth. Dallas whips Neville into the corner and charges him, but Neville back handsprings out of the way and charges Dallas. Dallas backdrops Neville to the apron. Neville flips into the ring and Dallas tosses him to the apron again. Neville kicks Dallas in the head and goes up top for the corkscrew shooting star press, but Dallas puts his knees up. Dallas tosses Neville out for the win.

Winner and new number one contender: Bo Dallas

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