Views From The Turnbuckle: The Shield And The Best Thing Going Today

Something that fans are reaching for is for the Shield to add another member, preferably a veteran star to be revealed as the leader of the Shield. Potential candidates have ranged from Ryback, to John Cena, to Randy Orton, to Batista. In my opinion, I really hope that the Shield stay a three man group. The WWE has properly utilized all three of the members of the Shield, a rare feat by today's creative standards, and the addition of a fourth member, particularly a leader, could soil that success.

The Shield also work well because they are three fresh faces, really one of the first successes from FCW/NXT. In a time where we always seem to witness the same matches week after week, the Shield stands out as unique competitors that don't really wrestle all that often. That keeps them fresh and the storyline hot. Think about it, the Shield have been around for 6 months and we still have not really seen that much of them or know a lot about them. By keeping them from overexposure and extending the storyline of their first impact (really nothing has changed with their motivation for their actions since their debut), the WWE has kept the Shield interesting and fresh for an unusually long period, while also using very little creative material to get them over. The longer the Shield stick around the better they are going to become, because the WWE has remained stagnant on advancing their groups character so far, so when the change happens, it will be much more anticipated.

Eventually the Shield will break up though; no group stays around forever and the Shield will more than likely be done within the next two years. The future still is bright however, Ambrose and Rollins are 27 and Reigns is only 28. Ambrose is easily destined to become a future world champion, anything short of that would be a disappointment in my opinion. Rollins could eventually be a main-event wrestler, depending how the WWE utilizes him post-Shield. Reigns is a wild-card as he is still very unrefined. The potential for a future world champion is there, but it will all come down to how quickly he improves his skills. The future is always in question, but right now I think we can all be thankful for the Shields presence in the WWE.

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