TNA Impact Results: AJ Styles Vs. Mr. Anderson, New Slammiversary Matches And More

Aces & 8's music hits and out come Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, and DOC. Garett gets in the ring with a mic and circles Dixie as he cuts a promo on the Hall of Fame. DOC and Wes get in the ring and all 3 corner Dixie. Samoa Joe and Magnus run to the rescue Aces & 8's retreats. Joe says he say at home for a month waiting to get his hands on the biker club. Joe challenges Garett to face a man.

Samoa Joe vs. Garett Bischoff

Garett hits a cheap shot from behind but Joe quickly turns it around. Joe hits an Enzuigiri and drops Garett in the corner. The crowd is hot for Joe as we take a break.

Joe kicks Garett right in the face as we return to action. Magnus gets mauled at ringside and Garett joins as the ref rings the bell. Joe flies through the ropes into all 3 Aces & 8's members. Magnus and Joe stand tall in the ring as Joe cuts a promo on them calling them cowards. Joe says he knew this would happen so there will be a match at Slammiversary pitting those 3 men versus Joe, Magnus, and Jeff Hardy. Joe calls DOC a big shaved ape. The crowd pops to the news and Aces & 8's are beside themselves.

- We go to footage of Gunner's return from last week.

- James Storm and Gunner cut an impassioned promo in the back. Storm says he chose Gunner because he has served his country and has killed people and now he's going to kill for him. (...Really?)

- Hulk Hogan asks Brooke in the back what was up with last week. Brooke says Bully is still her husband and it's hard when that face tells her he loves her. Brooke says she can't focus on the Knockouts. Hogan says Sting can fix this and he just needs one shot. Brooke asks if he's sure. Hogan says he's betting the farm on it. (Does anyone else see this Brooke turn coming on Sunday?)

- Bad Influence make their entrance followed by Aries & Roode. Their opponents James Storm and Gunner enter as we go to a commercial. The tag champions Chavo & Hernandez make their entrance.

Chavo & Hernandez and Storm & Gunner vs. Bad Influence and Roode & Aries

Gunner takes control of Daniels and hits a high back bodydrop. Daniels goes out to regroup and calls for a timeout. Daniels tags Aries. Aries reluctantly starts to get in the ring but comically tags Roode and encourages him to take care of business. Roode falls victim to Gunner and Chavo tags in for stomps on the mat. Hernandez tags in and slams Chavo onto Roode and hits a splash for 2.

Chavo back in now. Roode gets an opening for some offense. Chavo shuts him down with the 3 Amigos. Aries dropkicks Chavo off the top and to the floor. Aries tells the camera he doesn't know what is going on (Aries reminds me a lot of Punk). The heels get the upper hand on Chavo in their corner and take turns with quick tags. Chavo continues to get taken apart by all 4 men.

Chavo moves in the corner and leaps for the tag to Hernandez. Hernandez cleans house with quick power moves. Hernandez covers Roode but Bad Influence makes the save. Hernandez is distracted and Aries charges in for a vicious dropkick to Hernandez' face. Hernandez counters out of a brainbuster and drops Aries face-first and tags Gunner. Gunner hits a backbreaker on Aries and puts him in the torture rack as the ref rings the bell.

Winners by pin: Gunner & Storm and Chavo & Hernandez

- AJ arrives in the dark parking lot on his glowing motorcycle.

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