Superstars this week opens with a match.

R Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro

They tie up and push each other around the ring. Cesaro shoves Truth, backs him into the corner and lands a series of body shots. Cesaro tries to kick Truth, but Truth catches his leg and punches him in the face. Truth bounds off the ropes and Cesaro rolls to the apron. Cesaro goes back into the ring and lands a clothesline, followed by a Suplex. He then chokes Truth on the ropes, jumps down to the outside and uppercuts him. Cesaro goes back into the ring and they exchange strikes back and forth. Cesaro gets a knee to the stomach.

Cesaro lands a delayed Gutwrench Suplex. He tries to keep the attack up, but Truth fights to his feet. Truth bounds off the ropes and Cesaro catches him in a sleeper. Truth fights out and they exchange strikes. Truth hits a dropkick and then several clotheslines. Truth charges Cesaro in the corner, but Cesaro moves and hits a roll up for a near pin fall. Cesaro locks another sleeper in, but Truth tosses him off. Cesaro charges Truth, who dodges. Truth hits a jumping facebuster for the win.

Winner: R Truth

Next, The Highlight Reel from RAW is shown.

Then, Team Hell No vs. The Shield from RAW is shown.

Primetime Players vs. Justin Gabriel and Sin Cara

Young and Sin Cara start things off. Sin Cara lands multiple kicks to the leg, followed by a springboard back elbow. Sin Cara lands a hurricanrana and Young goes to the outside, calling for a timeout. Sin Cara kicks him through the ropes. Young heads back inside and Sin Cara hits a snap mare. Gabriel comes in and kicks Young in the back. He then goes to work on Young's arm. Sin Cara comes back in and delivers multiple elbows in the corner. He kicks Young's leg and Gabriel comes back in. Gabriel lands a Suplex and then locks in a Chinlock. Young fights to his feet and Gabriel dropkicks him to the outside. Gabriel kicks Young through the ropes as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Gabriel is in control. He tags Sin Cara in, who kicks Young. Young reverses and backs Sin Cara into his corner. O'Neil tags himself in and hits an uppercut. Sin Cara comes back with kicks to the legs, followed by a dropkick to the knee. Sin Cara goes for a crossbody, but O'Neil catches him and hits two back breakers. He then tosses Sin Cara to the side and tags Young in. Young lands a clothesline and then goes to work on Sin Cara's head. O'Neil comes back in with a punch to the body. He then hits Sin Cara with a body slam and Young comes back in.

He goes back to work on Sin Cara's head with a side headlock on the mat. Sin Cara fights to his feet and hits Young with an enziguri. He tags Gabriel in, who hits a springboard crossbody. He then kicks Young in the head and dropkicks O'Neil off the apron. Gabriel hits a DDT from up top and O'Neil breaks up the pin attempt. O'Neil charges Sin Cara in the corner, who puts a boot up, sending O'Neil to the outside. Sin Cara heads back to the apron. Young then runs towards Sin Cara and Sin Cara kicks him in the face. Sin Cara goes up top and takes O'Neil out on the outside with a crossbody. Gabriel goes up top in the ring and lands the 450 splash on Young for the win.

Winners: Justin Gabriel and Sin Cara

Finally, highlights from John Cena's announcement of the 3 Stages of Hell match and John Cena and Curtis Axel's match from RAW is shown to end the show.

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