Thanks to reader Jeff Warner (@Jeff1470TheFox) for sending in this report of John Cena's appearance at Wizard World Philly Comic Con yesterday:

I attended the Wizard World Philly Comic Con and it was a packed house for John Cena!

I bought the VIP and got there at 1pm - Cena wasn't starting til 3:30 - and was still only like 50th in line! For some apparent reason the door opening was delayed until 3:15pm so everyone ran their way to the back of the convention where the photo ops were held.

They had about 5-6 lines of at least 50-75 people in each line, so it was a packed house. Cena showed up through the back about 10 minutes prior to the signing and was taken to a special area and the place erupted.

He started right at 3:30 and was very personable, especially with the kids. He took his time with them and let them hold the championship belt, which I felt was pretty awesome. He was very humble and seemed very happy to be there.

I was there on a mission to give him a copy of a picture my godchildren wanted to give him of Cena with them during WrestleMania week with a note on the back saying, "thank you for making my dream come true." He really took it to heart and told me to tell them it was his pleasure and thank you. He kept talking to me even though the camera guy was yelling that we had to keep line moving. Cena asked me to hold up the picture in our photo op, which I thought was pretty cool. He also told the lady to make sure to keep the picture I gave him in a special place.

Autographs were supposed to start at 5:00pm, but I don't think he started until closer to 5:30pm because he took so much time with each person and the kids, even though they were pushing people along. I left before the autograph line ended, but I he stayed a little past his time, which just showed class.

I'm not a big fan of his gimmick and character inside the ring, but outside the ring he really is how people have described him. He shows his appreciation to his fans, especially the younger ones that look up to him, and I can respect him for that.

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