Re-post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact kicks off with a recap video. AJ Styles will answer for his actions when he faces Mr. Anderson. Also, where is Abyss?

- We go right to Aces & 8's in the back. Bully emphasizes that the order of business tonight is AJ Styles. D-Lo tells Anderson he's sorry things didn't work out for him with AJ. Bully gives him a dirty look and walks away with Devon. Anderson waits for D-Lo to start leaving and he lays him out from behind.

- Bully and Devon come to the ring. Bully starts to put over Slammiversary and his No Holds Barred Match with Sting. Bully lists some of Sting's great opponents who he beat for a World Title: Flair, Hogan, Angle, Hardy. Bully says he also beat Hardy for the title and calls out Sting for their tag match. Sting comes out with Joseph Park.

Sting & Joseph Park vs. Bully Ray & Devon

Sting and Park rush the ring and things go to the floor as Park gets beaten by Bully and Devon mixes it up with Sting. They continue to fight around the ring. The crowd chants for tables as Sting launches Devon into the ring from the apron. Bully continues to dominate Park as Devon and Sting go back to the floor. Sting and Bully enter the ring and go toe to toe with shots. They collide with a double clothesline as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Devon taking care of Park in the ring. Park comes back with a flurry and hits a suplex but Bully kicks him off the 2nd buckle. Devon and Bully take turns with super-slow offense. Bully punches Sting off the apron and drops a big elbow on Park for 2. Devon tags back in for a Hulk Hogan legdrop complete with hand gestures and poses. More quick tags from The Dudleys. Park side steps and Bully and Devon run into each other. Park leaps for the tag and Sting turns it up. Sting puts the Scorpion Death Lock on Devon and Park tries the same on Bully but Bully kicks Park off into Sting.

Sting hits a double clothesline on Devon and Bully but gets hit with the Dudley Death Drop. Devon goes up top for the headbutt to Park's groin as Abyss' music hits. Park looks excited and surprised as Sting takes advantage of the distraction and hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Devon for the win.

Winners by pin: Sting & Joseph Park

- Dixie Carter is on her way to the ring.

- Kurt Angle cuts a promo to the interviewer in the back. He says he still has a mutual respect for AJ Styles but there will be payback and he will keep a close watch on AJ's match tonight.

- Dixie makes her entrance. She puts over the PPV this Sunday and the 11 years of TNA. She says we have seen THE best men and woman in wrestling over that time. Dixie wishes Sting luck in his match with Bully and starts to talk about this year's inductee into the Hall of Fame.

Aces & 8's music hits and out come Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, and DOC. Garett gets in the ring with a mic and circles Dixie as he cuts a promo on the Hall of Fame. DOC and Wes get in the ring and all 3 corner Dixie. Samoa Joe and Magnus run to the rescue Aces & 8's retreats. Joe says he say at home for a month waiting to get his hands on the biker club. Joe challenges Garett to face a man.

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