Thanks to reader Wade Cardwell for sending this report of Ric Flair's appearance at Wrestle-Jam in Ringgold, GA. More photos from the event are available on our Facebook page at

Ric Flair started signing autographs before the doors opened at 5:30 and the line was massive up until the bell time of 7:30. Flair stayed and signed through the curtain-jerker. Here is an interesting pic of Flair and his swollen ankle. I could not see the rest of his leg, but the nurse that was there told me the bottom part of his left leg was probably swollen too and that this was a very dangerous situation.

Flair continued to sign during intermission at $20 per item.

At the end of the night with a great swerve that I did not even see coming, Flair turned on Johnny Rokk by giving him the famous Flair low blow with the show, ending with both Nature Boys (Ric Flair and Paul Lee) standing tall in the ring with Fifi the maid.

That was the limit to Flair's physical involvement. He seemed like he was out of it, as even when speaking he never got into his normal Flair mode.

Raven and The Rock & Roll Express were also at the event. The Rock & Roll Express wrestled without a shirt, and if they want to continue to do that, they need to push back from the table some. Same goes for Raven, but at least he kept his shirt on!

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