WWE SmackDown Results: Dean Ambrose Vs. Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan Goes Nuts On The Shield & More

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- SmackDown kicks off with an excellent video package for the fallen at the hands of The Shield. Tonight, Kane faces Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan squares off with Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose faces Randy Orton. Will the Hounds become the hunted?

- We go to the arena from Edmonton, Alberta as The Shield makes their way to the ring.

- The Shield hops the security wall as Cole and JBL welcome us to the show. Some guy is dressed like Mr. Fuji in the front row. Kane and Daniel Bryan make their entrance.

Kane vs. Seth Rollins

Kane takes control early and keeps Rollins grounded. Bryan looks on from ringside. Kane hits a back bodydrop for only a 1 count. Rollins manages a front dropkick to take Kane off his feet. Reigns watches from the floor. I believe Ambrose has gone back to wherever The Shield appears from. Rollins goes to work on Kane's leg. Rollins leaps off the top for a nice DDT. Kane kicks out at 2 as we go to a commercial.

We're back to action as Kane hits a powerslam on a charging Rollins to create some space. Kane hits a side slam for another near fall. Kane goes up top but Rollins meets him; Kane knocks him off and comes off with a clothesline. Reigns gets on the apron and the distraction leads to a kick to the head from Rollins. Seth goes up top but Bryan pushes him off from the floor. Kane hits the chokeslam for the win.

Winner by pin: Kane

Reigns complains to the ref about Bryan's interference as we see a replay. The ref keeps the two teams separated in the ring as we go right into our next match.

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns

Roman is all fired up and goes right at Bryan. Bryan turns it around with aggressive No Kicks in the corner. Bryan rains down with some ground-and-pound. Bryan continues with forearms to the face of Reigns. Daniel Bryan keeps the pressure on with MMA style strikes. Reigns takes control as we go to break.

Back to action as Reigns and Bryan go back and forth. Reigns resumes control with vicious takedowns. Bryan seems to snap and charges in for a dropkick in the corner followed by No Kicks. Bryan hits another running dropkick for 2. Reigns hits a headbutt from his knees to stop the No Kicks. Bryan applies the No Lock as Reigns reaches for the ropes. Rollins pushes the ropes closer and Roman reaches it. Kane goes around to strike Rollins. Roman pie-faces Kane from inside the ring. Kane strikes Reigns from the floor and the ref sees it.

Winner by disqualification: Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan and Kane argue in the ring. They continue to literally point fingers up the ramp. Bryan screams the he doesn't need the help and that he is the weak link. Kane is heard saying Bryan is obsessed.

- Back from a break to a clip of Damien Sandow's mental challenge from last week.

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