Thanks to reader Jeff Warner (@Jeff1470TheFox) for sending in this report for last night's SmackDown live event in Bethlehem, PA:

Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater. Slater comes out and cuts a promo bashing Bethlehem saying that the city is garbage and his hometown is better. Slater was dominating most of the match and the crowd got behind Gabriel. Gabriel came back and eventually hits the Lionsault on Slater to get the W.

Alex Riley defeated Curt Hawkins. Nothing too big in this match. The match was going back and forth for a bit until Riley picked Hawkins up on his shoulders and slammed him down to pick up the win.

The Shield then came out and attacked Riley and triple power bombeb him. They then did the same to Hawkins.

Women's Championship Match: Kaitlyn defeated AJ Lee. It was basically a sucky cat fight. Kaitlyn had complete control for most of the match besides a few headlocks by AJ, but Kaitlyn then nailed a DDT and picked up the victory.

After the match AJ is throwing a tamper tantrum in the ring acting like a child, and that is when Dolph Ziggler came out with Big E to comfort her. He told her to not worry, and that she'll be Diva's champion in no time and we will be the best couple in WWE history. And then talks about how great Big E is. He beat Alberto on Friday Night Smackdown and he is going to beat him tonight. This then set up the next match...

No DQ Match: Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston. This was the WWE Universe pick em match, we had to text to vote between two choices. A 2 out of 3 falls match or a No DQ Match. We all know the obvious pick.

It was pretty much like the last 20 times we seen these two face off. Alberto using his ability and speed while Big E was showing off his strength. He caught Alberto a few times off the top rope and slammed him down or did some back breakers.

Big E then goes for the kendo stick and used that to smack Alberto around and choked him a little bit. Del Rio counters and takes control of the match. The chant starts "We Want Tables" and sure enough he pulls one out and just sets it up in the corner of the ring. Each try to put their opponent through the table but fail. Big E then goes for a chair and misses where Del Rio counters Big E and slams him into the steps.

While Big E is shaken up and the ref has his back turned checking on him, Ziggler stands on the apron about to nail Del Rio with the belt but ref turns around just in time and bans Ziggler from ring side.... Alberto takes advantage while Big E complains and locks in the arm breaker. Langston shows off his strength again by countering it and lifting del rio on his shoulders to power bomb him through the table but Del Rio counters that and slams Langston through the table to pick up the win.

Great Khali defeated Damian Sandow. Sandow comes out to cut a promo and does his usual "I'm smarter than you" routine. Match was pretty boring. They basically danced in circles in the ring while fans chanted to Sandow, "you suck." He responds, saying, "I don't suck!" Khali knocks out Sandow with a punch to the face to pick up the win.

Sin Cara defeated Cody Rhodes. Decent match, it was a back and forth battle. A lot of high flying moves by Sin Cara which got the crowd really into the match. Cara nailed a somersault off the top rope to get the win.

Randy Orton & Team Hell No defeated Shield via DQ. A typical Shield match, with them trying to outnumber their opponents. They did their best to keep Team Hell no and Orton from tagging and wear them down. But Orton took control and shifted the momentum back in their favor. He eventually tags in Bryan and they do a similar thing on Smackdown where he just goes nuts and attacks all the members of the Shield and handles them on his own. He tags in Kane then, where Kane then goes for the chokeslam on Ambrose but Reigns flys in and smacks Kane with a chair to get disqualified.

The Shield takes advantage and beats the crap out of Kane and Orton. They then go for a triple power bomb on Kane but Daniel Bryan comes to the rescue and smacks all the members of the Shield with a steel chair. Kane and Orton take advantage where Orton nails an RKO on Rollins and Kane nails chokeslam on Reigns. The Shield then retreated.

The faces celebrated in the ring until Bryan grabs a mic and begins this whole "I'm not the weakest link" gimmick. He told Orton and Kane that you guys think you did all the work and he should get all the credit since he came in and saved their butts. Bryan called out Kane and told him, "you're the weak link, tell all these fans you are!" He gets on the mic and tells him NO!

Bryan turns to Orton and says, "fine, Randy maybe you're the weak link... tell me you're the weak link!" Orton gives him a look like, "are you serious?" Orton grabs the mic and says, 'you want me to tell you I'm the weak link?' Bryan starts chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Orton gives Kane the mic to hold. Orton and Bryan stand face to face for a bit until Orton nails Bryan with the RKO.

Kane is in disbelief, and once Bryan recovers, he flips on Kane saying that it was all his fault. "You're supposed to be my partner, where were you?" Bryan started pushing Kane. Kane loses his temper and grabs Bryan by the throat to chokeslam him but stops. Bryan begs for him to not do it while the crowd chants, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Kane puts Bryan down and Bryan wants to hug it out so the crowd chants "hug it out," which they eventually do and celebrate together. That is the end of the show.

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