Another Detailed Report Of Last Night's WWE Live Event In PA: Ziggler Returns, The Shield Headlines

The Shield takes advantage and beats the crap out of Kane and Orton. They then go for a triple power bomb on Kane but Daniel Bryan comes to the rescue and smacks all the members of the Shield with a steel chair. Kane and Orton take advantage where Orton nails an RKO on Rollins and Kane nails chokeslam on Reigns. The Shield then retreated.

The faces celebrated in the ring until Bryan grabs a mic and begins this whole "I'm not the weakest link" gimmick. He told Orton and Kane that you guys think you did all the work and he should get all the credit since he came in and saved their butts. Bryan called out Kane and told him, "you're the weak link, tell all these fans you are!" He gets on the mic and tells him NO!

Bryan turns to Orton and says, "fine, Randy maybe you're the weak link... tell me you're the weak link!" Orton gives him a look like, "are you serious?" Orton grabs the mic and says, 'you want me to tell you I'm the weak link?' Bryan starts chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Orton gives Kane the mic to hold. Orton and Bryan stand face to face for a bit until Orton nails Bryan with the RKO.

Kane is in disbelief, and once Bryan recovers, he flips on Kane saying that it was all his fault. "You're supposed to be my partner, where were you?" Bryan started pushing Kane. Kane loses his temper and grabs Bryan by the throat to chokeslam him but stops. Bryan begs for him to not do it while the crowd chants, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Kane puts Bryan down and Bryan wants to hug it out so the crowd chants "hug it out," which they eventually do and celebrate together. That is the end of the show.

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