TNA Television Title Match: Joseph Park vs. Devon

We go to the ring and out comes TNA TV Champion Devon with Knux. The music for Joseph Park hits but he doesn't appear after the beatdown earlier. Devon takes the mic and cuts a promo against Park and the city of Boston. Devon tells the referee to ring the bell and count Park out. The bell rings and the referee starts counting. Park doesn't appear and Devon is the winner.

Winner: Devon

- Devon takes the mic and starts ripping into Park and Abyss. Devon says he would whoop Abyss like did Park, if he was here. Devon says since Abyss isn't here, he's going back to the clubhouse to drink beers and play with strippers. The music hits and out comes Abyss to the ring. He takes out Knux and Devon. It looks like we have a match.

TNA TV Title Match: Devon vs. Abyss

Devon turns things around and works Abyss over in the corner. Devon keeps up the attack and drops a leg. Devon mocks Hulk Hogan. Abyss makes the comeback and nails a chokeslam. Devon kicks Abyss in the face but Abyss nails a Blackhole Slam for the win. Abyss is announced as the new Television Champion.

Winner and New TNA TV Champion: Abyss

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