Thanks to reader Vertebreaker for sending in these live notes from tonight's Slammiversary pay-per-view in Boston:

- The show opened up with Christy Hemme and Jimmy Jay hyping up the crowd and schilling merchandise. Jeremy Borash came out and made a big deal of Slammiversary taking place in Boston.

- Dixie Carter was at the merchandise table selling the limited edition action figure of herself. Anyone that bought a figure could get Dixie to sign it as well.

- I had created a "Fire Hogan" sign, which was taken away from me shortly after Hogan came out to have his showdown with Aces & 8s.

- Speaking of Hogan, he got the biggest pop of the night when he came out. Hulkamania shirts were probably the most plentiful at the event.

- TNA had a large jumbo-tron, but instead of showing the actual matches as they would appear on television, it was just consistently showing the "Slammiversary" logo. It was too bad as some of the best spots of the night (like Taryn's running cutter off the ramp) could not be properly seen from where I was sitting, and they never showed a replay until after the match was over.

- The seats available were about 90% filled, but 3 or 4 sections had tarps over them. I would say there was a maximum of 3,500-4,000 people there.

- Kurt Angle was very over with the crowd and got a long standing ovation during the Hall of Fame ceremony.

- I don't know if this could be seen on television, but during the AJ Styles/Kurt Angle match, A.J.'s belt fell off revealing that he was wearing a black thong in one of the more interesting moments of the night.

- The crowd was split about 50/50 for Sting and Bully, with most fans standing for the entire match.

- Overall I felt that my money was well spent and I would definitely go again and encourage anyone else to go see TNA, even if you are not that big of a fan of the company.

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