WWE Live Event Results From Poughkeepsie (6/2): Ziggler Appears, Orton Teams With Bryan & Kane

Daniel Bryan came out followed by Kane. Bryan up to that point was the biggest pop of the night. Then Orton came out and blew the roof off. The Shield came in to a loud mixed reaction from the emergency exit. A brawl with everyone breaks out in the ring. Orton and Ambrose are left fighting each other in there. Reigns was tagged in soon as was Kane. Very good back and forth by both teams. Eventually Bryan was tagged in. He was kicking some ass and the crowd was behind him. Eventually he got singled out by the Shield. Rollins even did Bryans taunt before putting him in a surfboard like Bryan did to him.

Every time I thought Bryan was going to tag in to Orton, he got pulled back. The crowd was buzzing when he got to Orton and Orton came and did his clotheslines and slams to Ambrose and Rollins. He was gonna go for an RKO but Reigns hit him with a chair. Shield clears them out. They get caught though and Kane chokeslams Rollins and the Shield leaves. Orton walks around talking with fans at ringside after. It was a really good event especially since I haven't been to one in 10 years. The crowd was pretty hot through the night.

Biggest pops
Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan
Dolph Ziggler
Del Rio

Most heat
Damien Sandow
Heath Slater
Dolph Ziggler (younger fans)

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