Source: JR's BBQ

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on Here are highlights:

- I'd also assume that we will see more of the on going breakout build continue for Curtis Axel who's now being mentored by Paul Heyman. @RealKingRegal and I have both said for months that, after seeing various Curtis Axel matches on NXT, that the 3rd generation athlete was ready for something significant. However, even though a talent is 'ready' there has be be a place for him or her to make an impactful entry or re-entrance to RAW or Smackdown.

Pairing Axel with @HeymanHustle is highly strategic and having the young Minnesota native face HHH and John Cena his first two weeks on RAW has people talking. That's more than they were doing when the kid was named McGillicutty.

- Happy to see that @HeelZiggler is getting better after sustaining a major concussion but he's still not ready to step back into he ring until he passes a battery of medical tests and is thoroughly evaluated by WWE medical personnel. Back in the territory wrestling days, Ziggler would have likely returned already because promoters only paid wrestlers when they worked. Wrestler health and safety wasn't a huge priority in past generations of the territorial system or so it seemed to me.

- Anyone who actually thinks that WWE attempting to develop a relationship with the NFLPA is wrong or ill timed has a very unique view on the recruiting of world class athletes for WWE especially with the fact that there are no full time territories developing large numbers of talents for WWE to potentially utilize. Approximately 400, excellent athletes will look for work outside the NFL each year and if they are young enough and have the required aptitude for the genre then why wouldn't WWE want to give some of them a look?

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