Views From The Turnbuckle: Slammiversary Review, TNA Delivers

Angle vs AJ Styles was my most anticipated match of the night, and it was pretty good. The similarities between AJ and 1997 Sting are way too striking, and TNA should really do something different soon to avoid that stigma. Anyways, AJ secretly carried Angle for most of that match. AJ gave Angle a ton of lift on the suplexes and set up Angle everywhere the injured Kurt needed to be, once again proving why AJ is one of the best. Angle taking the victory on a roll-up should set up some more matches for these two down the road.

I wasn't a big fan of the main event. It started with Bully Ray saying that he was going to use the famously banned piledriver to finish off Sting, an odd statement since Bully has used the piledriver often in the recent past (including on Angle). The match was your typical Sting match, not a lot of wrestling holds, fairly short for a main event and a lot of near falls. Bully taking apart the ring lining and using it to piledrive Sting on to was a unique touch, but other than that, the match was pretty rudimentary. Aces & 8s coming out to screw Sting was fairly predictable, unless you thought TNA would make a 55 year old champion.

The main issue I have is that in the previous matches, Aces & 8s were defeated pretty easily. In both the six man tag and Devon's match, the faction was dispatched with ease by the TNA representatives. Then, at the end of the show, Bully Ray retains with the help of Aces & 8s and the show goes out with the faction looking strong. I find it contradictive to have a group look like chumps for most of the show, but then try to end the show with them looking strong. How scary is a group that loses 2 out of every 3 matches? TNA did the same thing at Lockdown, with Aces getting squashed in the lethal lockdown match, yet finishing strong. If they are intent on making Aces & 8s look like dominant threats, the booking of their matches needs to become more consistent.

Overall I thought TNA did a pretty good job with last night's show. They got a pretty vocal crowd that was into the show the whole night and most of the matches delivered. Hopefully they can continue to build on this momentum and raise the quality of their weekly shows.

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