ROH TV Recap: C & C Vs. ACH & Thomas Vs. Evans & Marshall, Lethal Vs. Whitmer Vs. Bennett

Back from commercial and Bennett is attacking Whitmer in the corner. He charges Whitmer, who moves. Bennett gets hung up on the ropes and Lethal kicks him. Lethal then takes Whitmer out as Bennett gets off the ropes. Lethal lands a few clotheslines on Bennett and then a springboard back elbow. Whitmer lands a knee to Lethal's back. Bennett picks Whitmer up on his shoulders, but Whitmer wiggles out. Whitmer tries to attack, but Bennett counters into the Box Office Smash. He goes for the pin and Whitmer kicks out.

Bennett tries to attack Lethal, but Lethal counters into an ace crusher. Lethal goes up top for the Hail to the King, but Whitmer stops him. Whitmer tries to superplex Lethal, but Lethal shoves him off. Bennett tries to attack Whitmer, but Whitmer lands an exploder Suplex. He tries to pin Bennett and Lethal lands Hail to the King to the back of Whitmer's neck. He signals for the Lethal Injection on Bennett, who stops him. Lethal kicks Bennett to the outside and starts to go for a dive, but Whitmer lands a big boot. Whitmer goes for an exploder Suplex, but Lethal counters into the Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

After the match, Maria starts screaming at Whitmer, asking what he called her. Bennett attacks him and they brawl in the ring as a bunch of refs come and break them apart.

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