ROH TV Recap: C & C Vs. ACH & Thomas Vs. Evans & Marshall, Lethal Vs. Whitmer Vs. Bennett

Ring of Honor opens up with a triple threat tag match.

QT Marshall and RD Evans vs. ACH and Tadarius Thomas vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander- Winner gets a tag title shot at Best In The World

Evans starts slapping everyone's hands before the bell rings and Thomas holds on to his hand and squeezes it. Marshall attacks Thomas and everyone starts brawling. Thomas whips Marshall, Marshall leapfrogs over him and Cedric hits Marshall with a kick. Cedric and Thomas exchange strikes and Cedric lands a dropkick. Cedric hits Marshall in the corner and then suplexes Thomas. Caprice comes in. Marshall clotheslines Caprice and Thomas attacks Marshall. ACH comes in. Marshall tries to hit him with a German, but ACH hits an elbow to the head.

ACH hits Caprice's shoulder and Marshall tags Evans in. Evans locks ACH in a full nelson and backs him into his corner. Marshall comes back in and they double team ACH. Caprice and Marshall go at it. Marshall backdrops Caprice to the apron and Evans pulls him to the ground. Marshall goes for a dive, but ACH kicks him in the head. Then, Cedric successfully dives and takes them out. ACH goes for a pin on Marshall, but Evans pulls him out of the ring. Thomas lands a handspring dive and takes Evans out.

Around the commercial break, promos from Kevin Steen and Adam Cole are shown. Back from commercial and ACH goes up top. He dives off to hit Cedric, who moves. Evans connects with a dropkick as ACH lands. Then, Cedric and Thomas start capoeira kicking at each other and dodging. Thomas finally connects with a kick. Caprice takes Thomas out and then Marshall attacks Caprice's shoulder. ACH hits Marshall with a bicycle kick. Evans hits ACH with a boot and then raises his arms in triumph, but ACH grabs his arms and goes for a backslide. Evans counters out, but ACH quickly lands another bicycle kick.

ACH gets a pin attempt on Evans, but it gets broken up. Thomas chops Cedric and whips him into the corner. ACH hits Cedric with an elbow and places him up top. They double team him and then Thomas pulls Cedric down, making his gut hit ACH's knee. While Cedric is still on ACH's knee, Thomas kicks him in the back of the neck. ACH puts Cedric almost into a camel clutch position and Thomas kicks Cedric in the head. Caprice breaks up the pin attempt. Thomas starts kicking everybody.

ACH sends Evans to the outside and Thomas backdrops Marshall onto Evans. ACH lands a crazy looking corkscrew dive, taking Evans and Marshall out. Thomas attacks Cedric in the ring and charges Caprice, who catches him and backs him into the corner. C and C hit Overtime for the win.

Winners: C and C Wrestle Factory

Then, a promo from Mark Briscoe is shown. He says that he is the best looking man in Ring of Honor and that he will beat his brother at Best in the World and become the new champion. Then, Jay Briscoe is shown standing next to him, staring. Mark says he shouldn't get ahead of himself. He says that they will be facing the American Wolves next week. Jay Briscoe then says that the Wolves are a hell of a tag team, but they aren't dem boys. He says they will see them next week.

Next, Kevin Kelly talks about how originally, there was supposed to be a singles match between Paul London and Michael Elgin happening, but since London got a concussion at Border Wars those are no longer the plans. They then show footage from Davey Richards vs. Paul London from Border Wars, showing how London got his concussion. London is on the apron and Richards hits him with a double boot stomp from up top. Instead of hitting London's body, he lands on his head. Richards immediately starts checking on London and then starts playing to the crowd a bit to give London time. When London does get up, he stumbles around.

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