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Back from the break and here we go. Heyman trips Cena early on and Curtis sends Cena out to the floor. Axel comes out and works Cena over before bringing him back in. Axel keeps control of Cena and nails a blockbuster for a 2 count. Axel with more kicks and right hands. Axel with a backbreaker and another pin attempt. Axel tells Heyman to bring him a steel chair. Cena blocks a chair shot and hits Axel over the back with it. Cena tosses Axel out of the ring and follows. Cena throws Axel across the announcers table.

They come back in and Axel hits Cena in the gut with the chair. Cena ducks a chair shot and Axel hits the ring post. They come back in the ring and face off. Cena ducks the chair shot again. He ducks another and dropkicks the chair into Axel's face. 2 count by Cena. Axel turns it back around and keeps control of Cena for a few minutes. Axel with another pin attempt. Cena with another comeback and his usual set of moves. Axel moves in the corner and Cena runs into the ring post. Cena lands out on the floor and barely makes it back in before being counted out. Axel stomps away as he re-enters. More back and forth. The end comes when Ryback comes out to put Cena through a table. Cena can't make it back in time.

Winner by Count Out: Curtis Axel

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