Another Detailed Set Of WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Daniel Bryan Is Super Over, ROH Star At Event

Another Detailed Set Of WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Daniel Bryan Is Super Over, ROH Star At Event
Thanks to reader @jaydangerx for sending in these detailed results from last night's SmackDown taping at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York:

A few notes: Before anything got started, a massive "We Want Ryder!" chant broke out. He was crazy over in his hometown and hopefully WWE will acknowledge that.

Also, before the taping began, they played a video which showed images of various superstars. Cena got wicked heat despite every person under the age of 12 wearing a John Cena t-shirt. That said, the most common t-shirt for adults was definitely CM Punk. Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Zack Ryder and The Shield also had loyal followings.

Also, I swear I saw Bob Backlund walking around the concession stands before they let us in. He looks crazy as hell.

On the train back to Manhattan, I noticed that Prince Nana from Ring of Honor was sitting right across from me. He had a tryout match tonight and the night before. He's a really cool guy and I hope he gets signed. He looked exhausted but sounded hopeful when talking about the prospect. We even got to speaking about the Brisco Twitter incident. He's very friendly and down-to-earth and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Total Divas Matches

Naomi v. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox comes out to little response, but Naomi gets a nice pop. Naomi really is the star of the match and lands a bunch of cool gymnastics moves including the rear end and some crazy high drop kicks. Alicia tries to slow it down a bunch, but the crowd is actually pretty solidly behind Naomi and claps for her every time Alicia has her in a hold. Naomi botches a flying cross-body from outside the ropes, but rinses and repeats a couple minutes later. Alicia comes out of nowhere to win with a rollup despite Naomi looking very impressive.

Cameron v. Aksana

Awful match between two women who are just not over at all. Cameron got a mild pop for her entrance, but it died down when the crowd realized that she was nowhere near as good as her tag team partner. There are a bunch of botched moves and all I can think of is that somewhere, Sara Del Ray is shaking her head and making Paige and Emma break out in a couple two-a-days so as to replace these two. After seeing the first Divas match where both women looked strong, this came off as even worse than it would have.

WWE Main Event Matches

Sheamus v. Antonio Cesaro

Sheamus is majorly over with all of the kids in the audience and Cesaro works hard to put him over. They go back and forth a bunch with Sheamus constantly teasing the white noise, but Cesaro kept avoiding it. It picks up as the match is taken outside of the ring. Sheamus lands his chest chops and Cesaro gives him a nasty uppercut along the way. The match ends when Cesaro climbs to the top turnbuckle but can't connect and Sheamus responds with a brogue kick.

The Usos v. Team Rhodes Scholars

For the first half, the Usos get little fanfare from the crowd while Rhodes Scholars actually gets some support. "Cody's Mustache" is the first big chant of the night. The Usos eventually get the crowd on their side by doing their "U-So!" chant and by dishing out some cool flying moves. Match ends when the Usos land the Samoan Splash onto Cody. I thought Cody was the star of the match. He's totally on, knows what he's doing and is very charismatic. Vince needs to stop making him job all the time.

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