Another Detailed Set Of WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Daniel Bryan Is Super Over, ROH Star At Event

Justin Gabriel v. Curt Hawkins

Gabriel comes out to a decent pop. Hawkins comes out to a bigger one because of his Queens roots. The crowd is behind Hawkins who pretty much jobs out the short match. Hawkins was just not good and it dragged down the quality of match that Gabriel likes to have. I was a little disappointed because this could have been a cool match. Gabriel wins with a shooting star press which looks SICK in person.

WWE SmackDown

MIZ TV with Randy Orton and Team Hell No

All three got major pops from the crowd as they come out to the ring. The crowd is so over for Bryan that you can't even hear the first question of the interview. Throughout the promo, the crowd takes every opportunity to show Bryan crazy love with "YES!" chants galore. Miz asks them about Bryan thinking he's the weak link. Randy and Kane tell him that he's not he's just acting crazy. Bryan continues to throw around accusations about not being respected. Randy eventually tells him that he loses respect for him when he whines. Bryan gets pissy. Kane eventually tells Bryan that he's had enough and exits the ring. They tease a Team Hell No breakup. Teddy Long comes out and announces the main event: Bryan/Orton vs. Rollins/Reigns.

Chris Jericho v. Curtis Axel

Jericho gets a huge pop while Axel gets no response until Heyman speaks, causing the crowd to boo him. Heyman does commentary during the match. Decent match with each guy trying to hit their signatures. Axel grabs the ropes on a Walls of Jericho and Jericho counters out of what looks like a Perfect Plex setup. Jericho looks like he has the match wrapped up until CM Punk's entrance video and music plays. He's distracted and Axel comes from behind and gets the rollup. When Punk's music played, the crowd lost their sh-t just on the slight hope that they would see the Second City Saint return tonight. Jericho leaves the ring, pauses, turns around to see Axel celebrate, runs back into the ring, and takes him down with a Codebreaker.

A Wyatt Family promo airs and the kids in the audience look creeped out. This is going to be awesome. Camera cuts to Brodus Clay and Tensai who cut a short promo about how creepy those guys look. It looks like we may have our first victims to the Devourer of Worlds.

There's a short backstage segment with Ryback and Kane. Ryback is his standard self. Kane tells him that Daniel Bryan is his partner and that he supports him. Kane then says that because he buried his brother alive, Ryback's Rules don't apply to him. Ryback really needs to learn how to cut a promo I just don't buy any of it.

Alberto Del Rio v. Heath Slater

Ricardo actually gives the intro in English and makes reference to the World Heavyweight Championship. 3MB comes out and nobody cares. The match never begins because all 3 members of 3MB attack Del Rio and Ricardo. However, because 3MB are the jobbiest of jobbers, they get tossed out of the ring. Ricardo gets on the top turnbuckle and jumps on them all outside the ring. Dolph Ziggler appears on the Titantron and tells everyone that he's been cleared to wrestle again and that he'll be at Raw.

Kane v. Ryback

Kane gets a decent pop and Ryback's ambulance intro is much cooler in person than on camera. Kane controls much of the match, even landing a chokeslam, however Ryback kicks out. Ryback actually lifts Kane over his head at one point, which looks impressive because of how large Kane is. Ryback grabs a table and brings it to the ring. The crowd chants "We Want Tables." Ryback puts Kane through a table and gets DQ'd.

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