Randy Orton Talks Turning Heel, Cena's Bad Dropkicks, Batista, If He's Frustrated With His Spot

The crowd at Raw the night after Wrestlemania 29: "I had to just — I didn't know what to do. I wanted to be part of the wave. I thought; should I do the wave with them? Like what—cause they obviously were crapping all over us. Not on purpose. But they weren't like. We were in the ring, beating the crap out of each other, and they were doing the wave. So it was like, it's the European, it's the whole multicultural fan base from all over the world that had been at Wrestlemania, and stayed there the weekend, and got tickets to Raw. So you got a lot of different kinds of people out there. And that European crowd, they do that. They're loud, they're singing, they're drunk, they're fighting, they're brawling. That soccer crowd over there? The football crowd? And that's what it was. That's what they were doing. And I knew that, you know. Cause we wrestle in Europe all the time. But yeah, it was definitely—I had to just kind of sit back and what is going on?"

If Wrestlemania crowds are consistent: "You know, you can't. Anything can happen. Anything can happen. It just depends. Like the first year that Rock hosted Wrestlemania, not when he worked Cena, but when he hosted Wrestlemania? It's almost like it didn't have the appeal when it happened. You never know what you are going to get. You never know if—these three hour Raws? That's a lot of wrestling. And they've already been there for an hour, they got there early, got their t-shirt, got their concession, sat down, watched the dark match. You know that's a lot of wrestling. Our fans, they're die-hard fans. And they'll sit there through it, man. And they'll sit through the stuff they might not want to see, to see their guy. But you can guaran-damn-tee the WWE Universe is there for us. And that's cool. And before as a heel, I never really cared about the fans. But now as a babyface, I see more than ever how important they are."

How he feels on being a heel vs. a babyface: "Well the more over I can get as a babyface, when I turn, the bigger the heel I'll be. So if they wanna keep me a babyface, I'll just keep doing my thing. And keep my five or six or four, whatever it is, moves. Keep them crisp and see what happens. But right now, being the good guy, it's cool. Because they're digging it."

If it is frustrating being in an odd spot, all over placement wise: "It could be frustrating, but I just don't let it be. There was a time in my career where I would let it get me frustrated, but now it's like I get paid well to do what I love. They tell me to do this, they tell me to jump, I'll jump. And I'm gonna jump as high as I can because I know that all my fans out there, all those 2.5 million people that follow me on Twitter, they want to see me give a hundred and ten percent. So I'm gonna do what WWE tells me to do out there, I'm gonna work with who they want me to work with. I'll give my suggestions when I feel they might be used wisely but I'm just gonna give it my all. And that's kind of the unspoken motto backstage. Just give it a hundred and ten percent. And our guys do."

Not being the typical babyface: "Maybe? I think the face thing works for me because I tried the best I could when I was turning to keep some of those heel characteristics. And I think I did. But then there was a point where they were really big on me smiling when I came out to the ring. I swear, I sh-t you not. I'm sitting there, and my music plays, and then I hear someone calling my name. And I look over, it's Vince. And he takes his headset off and he stands up and he goes 'SMILE!' And I'm like, okay. I'm thinking in my head, a year ago, a little nine-year-old girl in the front row, if I gave her the right kind of look or expression and walked towards her. Still 20 feet away from her, but if she was ring side, I could get her to cry, or get behind her mom. They were scared of me. I had like this Undertaker type, weird aura. They didn't know what I was. They knew I was capable of doing anything. They didn't know what they were going to get from me. I'm kicking people in the head. I'm kissing Stephanie McMahon and nailing Triple H with the sledgehammer. It was a good time."

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