Randy Orton Talks Turning Heel, Cena's Bad Dropkicks, Batista, If He's Frustrated With His Spot

On his feud with Triple H and the McMahon family feud and his Wrestlemania 25 match being underrated: "The buildup was great. The match suffered because Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker kicked out of each other's finishers for twenty minutes before we went out there. They should have been last. They really should have. If we would've been earlier on that card, I think it would have been better for us. But I think, like I was saying, those fans, god love them, but that's a lot of wrestling. And they've already been winded by watching these big match ups with Shawn Michaels kicking out of tombstone piledrivers and Undertaker kicking out of superkicks. And then, what a finish. And now they're like, well we've seen our main event. And now when me and Triple H go out there, and we're not doing five RKO's or five pedigrees and kicking out of them. It's not the same."

If having a family has changed him in his career: "Big time. The responsibility factor. Really getting married, settling down, and having a kid; that was the biggest thing for me. I realized, this little girl that came into my life, that I created with my wife, and how special is that? I wanted a little girl so bad too. The whole daddy's little girl thing was intriguing to me. And I got that relationship with her now. So it's really been cool, but it's taken me back and I realize my decisions affect her. So you gotta think before you act."

Being a multi-generation star, and if it's a blessing or a curse: "Yes and no. I think it might depend on who your old man was too? Mine is a hall of famer. So is Cody's, so is Ted's, so is Curtis's. I wanna say Michael McGillicutty, but that's blasphemy, that's awful. Yeah I'm happy for him by the way; he got the Curtis Axel moniker, in respect of his father, and his grandfather, Larry the Axe. That's cool. So I'm happy for him, that was a long time coming. But yeah, I don't think Curtis Axel, his father being Mr. Perfect, hurts him. I think it helps him. Immediately, you know who he is. Even if you don't know who he is, you know where he came from. And you know you loved where he came from. You remember his dad if you are any kind of wrestling fan. So you're gonna wanna be interested in what this kid has to offer. Whether or not he is able to provide the entertainment factor is another story. That's up to him."

If the next "class" of WWE superstars along the same caliber of his 2001-2002 class: "I could say yes, I could say yes it is. The class that I was in with Lesnar and those guys, there's no Lesnars or Batistas walking around there right now. Big E, he's a strong dude. Ryback's a strong dude. But if you put Batista next to those guys, he was 6'6, 320 lbs. Those guys are pushing 6'1-6'2. But Batista was wide. He was a big old dude. Those guys could beat him in a bench press contest but I'd rather look like Dave. If I was gonna intimidate somebody? Give me the Batista build, any day."

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