WWE NXT Recap: Women's Tournament Opening Round Begins, NXT Tag Titles Defended, More

NXT opens up with Jim Ross heading to the ring. He will be moderating the contract signing for the NXT Championship match between Bo Dallas and Big E. Langston. He picks up the mic and says that it his pleasure to be at NXT and that the title has lead to success for everyone that has won it.

Big E. Langston and Bo Dallas both come out to the ring and sit down. Jim Ross says that the match will take place next week and offers the contract to Langston to sign, which he does. Then, Dallas grabs the contract and picks up the mic. He says that he doesn't appreciate how Langston looked at him at the battle royal. He says that Langston thinks he is a joke and that ever since he won the title he has had lots of success.

He says he would do anything for the NXT Title and that when he signs the contract; he is signing a contract that could change his life. He says that all he needs is three seconds to change his life and make history. Langston says he doesn't think Dallas is a joke. Langston says that he has respect for Dallas because of when he took on the Big Show. Langston says he is the biggest, baddest man in NXT. He calls Dallas a geek and says he probably lives with his mama and sleeps with footie pajamas.

Langston says that Dallas can't beat him. He says he will crush his dreams and he will do it in five seconds. Dallas signs the contract and shoves it into Langston's chest. He leaves the ring and people boo him. Jim Ross then says that the contracts are signed and the main event will happen next week.

Next up, Renee Young is backstage with Corey Graves. She says he has an opportunity at the Wyatt Family's tag team championships. Graves says that it's not just about the titles. He says that tonight, the Wyatt Family falls. He says he knows how the Wyatt Family works. He says Bray Wyatt likes to play games, but he doesn't play games. He says that they fired the first shot at a one-man army.

Young then says that Kassius Ohno will be Graves's partner. She says that Ohno has had his own problems with the Wyatt Family. She asks if he can side with Ohno. Graves says that he doesn't like Ohno, but the tag titles are bigger than that. He says he doesn't care if Ohno stays on the apron, he will tear down the Wyatt Family.

NXT Women's Championship Tournament
Tamina Snuka vs. Paige

They circle around each other and tie up. Snuka shoves Paige across the ring. Paige kicks her in the gut and headbutts her. Snuka reverses and headbutts Paige. She then slings Paige across the ring and kicks her in the corner. Snuka hits a Suplex for a two count. She slings Paige across the ring by her hair and then locks in a headlock on the mat. Paige fights to her feet and bounds off the ropes, but Snuka takes her down. Snuka lands a knee drop and then locks in a Chinlock.

Snuka breaks the hold and chokes Paige on the ropes. Snuka then body slams her. She locks Paige in an arm submission. Paige fights to her feet and Snuka locks in a waist lock. Paige backs her in the corner and Snuka lands a super kick. She drags Paige to the corner and goes up top for the Superfly splash. Paige puts her knees up and hits a rollup for the win.

Winner: Paige

Then, Renee Young is shown backstage with Kassius Ohno. She asks what his plan of attack his. He says it's to attack. He says that Bray Wyatt has amassed an impressive and savage army, but Ohno will dive head first into the walls. He then says that it isn't about Graves and Ohno; it's about taking what Wyatt loves. He then says it won't be a match. It will be a war.

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