TNA Impact Results: Rampage-Angle Showdown, Hardy Vs. Bully In Ladder Match, BFG Qualifiers Begin

Winner by pin: Hernandez

Hernandez puts his hand out but Chavo fist-bumps him instead.

- Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is welcomed in the back by James Storm and Gunner. They wish him luck and he continues walking.

- We're back from a break as the former Television Champion, Devon, makes his way to the ring. Devon is in a foul mood and he insults the crowd. He tells Abyss he wants his title back as the match was never sanctioned. Joseph Park awkwardly comes out and he says he is done being bullied. He gets in Devon's face and hits a double leg and unloads on Devon. Devon comes back with a vicious shoulderblock and unloads with strikes and knocks Park to the floor. Devon sends him into the post and grabs a chair.

Abyss' music hits as Devon goes to use it. Devon is fixed on the entrance and says he will find Abyss himself. He hits Park one last time and exits through the crowd. Park sees the blood on his lip and starts to turn into the Incredible Hulk. We go to a commercial.

- Devon and Knux look around and inside rooms for Abyss in the back.

- Robbie E. comes to the ring and cuts a promo and says he was the MVP in last year's BFG Series as he beat Hardy and earned a whopping 5 points. Samoa Joe comes out next.

BFG Series Qualifier: Samoa Joe vs. Robbie E.

Joe takes Robbie's head off with a kick immediately and goes to work. Joe hits an Enzuigiri in the corner and he crowd is behind him. Joe hits a running knee in the opposite corner and unloads with knees. Joe hits the Muscle Buster and goes to a rear choke as Robbie taps out immediately.

Winner by submission: Samoa Joe

- Back from a commercial to footage of The Knockouts from last week's show.

- Mickie James approaches Velvet Sky in the locker room and wants to give her an Impact Wrestling Georgia Lottery ticket. We get a nice close up of the ticket in some gratuitous, blatant product placement. Mickie wants to apologize for not doing anything to help Velvet last week. Velvet wants her rematch but Mickie blows her off and says she will give her one when Velvet is ready.

- The Kurt Angle Hall of Fame video is shown.

- Rampage is out next!

- JB is in the ring and the crowd is on fire as Rampage is introduced. Quinton Jackson makes his entrance with his signature howl. Rampage makes it a point to slaps hands with some kids at ringside. The crowd drowns out Rampage but they seem to turn up his mic. Rampage says he is here to be the best but he knows that he has to beat the best.

Kurt Angle's music hits and he walks to the ring with a steady purpose. Angle and Rampage stare at each other and Angle goes in close and says Rampage is looking at the best. Angle says Rampage is the best in the cage but this ring is his world. Angle says when Rampage is ready some day, he will have to go through him.

Rampage shakes and twitches his face but they shake hands and Rampage goes back to mean mugging Angle and gets nose to nose. That looked very fake and contrived for the cameras like they do at UFC and boxing weigh-ins. It came off as a nice segment nonetheless. Rampage slaps hands with fans on the way back up the ramp.

- Jeff Hardy talks to himself, or the interviewer, in the locker room about his match tonight. He says he and the Creatures will be satisfied.

- James Storm, Chris Sabin, and Gunner are on their way to the ring.

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