TNA Impact Results: Rampage-Angle Showdown, Hardy Vs. Bully In Ladder Match, BFG Qualifiers Begin

- We see footage of the closing moments from Sunday's PPV. We see Sting's tweet about the message being received regarding him being left alone to fend to himself. Sting will be at the Impact Zone next week.

- Jeff Hardy is introduced for our main event. Bully Ray makes his entrance through the Aces 7 8's entrance. He is not happy.

Ladder Match: Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

The hammer hangs above the ring as Bully removes his chain and complains to Taz at ringside. Jeff Hardy flies over the top and onto Bully. The bell rings and Hardy unloads on Bully in the ring. Hardy hits a head scissors takedown and front dropkicks Bully to the floor and then flies off the apron with a clothesline. Tenay brings us an ill-timed update on future Impact dates and tickets. Hardy retrieves a ladder from under the ring although the giant one is at the entrance ramp. Bully gets the advantage on the floor as we go to commercial.

We're back to action with 9 minutes left until the top of the hour. Bully Ray is in control in the ring with the ladder in on the canvas. Bully hits a high back bodydrop as he keeps the high flier grounded. Bully drops the ladder onto Hardy's body and drops an elbow. Bully says he doesn't need a hammer as he beats Hardy with his fist. Hardy fights back up to his feet but Bully kicks him back down.

Bully mocks Hulk Hogan's mannerisms and says, "Hi, dad." Hardy connects with a DDT as both men lay on the mat. They both stagger up and trade shots back and forth. Hardy goes into a flurry. Hardy scales the ladder but Bully knocks him off. Hardy kicks the ladder into Bully's groin in the corner. Ouch.

The crowd chants, "No more babies." Hardy climbs the ladder but Bully pushes him off again. Bully screams, "Taz! My balls!"

Hardy resumes his flurry and hits a clothesline and goes back to setting up the ladder. Hardy goes up and Bully pushes him into the turnbuckle. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind and goes back up. Bully slowly gets up and yanks the ladder from under Hardy and he hits the canvas hard.

Bully sets up the ladder and drags Hardy into the corner and out of the way. Bully grabs the hammer. Bully climbs back down the ladder and sets it up in the corner but it falls. Bully waits to Hardy to get up and goes to strikes him in the head but Hardy kicks him in the gut and takes control of the hammer. Bully begs off in the corner and avoids a couple of swings by Hardy. Bully escapes up the ramp. Hardy starts to give chase but goes down with pain in his left butt cheek.

We cut to the back as Bully is in pain as he escapes and screams for his belt. Hulk appears from around the corner and goes to hit Bully with the hammer as Brooke runs in and yells, "No!" Bully turns around and all 3 just stare at each other, not sure what to say. Bully hobbles off like a wounded animal.

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