** SPOILERS ** WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan v. The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)

Everyone in this match is crazy over with the fans. Daniel Bryan gets the biggest pop of the night. It goes back and forth a bunch with each guy looking good at various points. After The Shield lays in on Randy hard, he eventually tags in Bryan who cleans house! At one point, he gets on the top turnbuckle and dropkicks Rollins and Reigns at the same time each with a different foot. The crowd goes batsh-t and then he does alternating "Yes!" kicks to each guy. He does all of his signature moves including the backflip, flying head-butt and dive outside the ring. I can't even begin to describe how match he ignites the crowd. Bryan goes for the win on Rollins. Reigns runs in and gets an RKO. Bryan accidentally nails Randy. Bryan puts Rollins in the No-Lock. Ambrose comes out from the crowd and interferes causing a DQ. The Shield jumps to the outside. Randy gives Bryan an RKO, gets big heat from the crowd and leaves.

Dark Match: Sheamus and Team Hell No v. The Shield

After the show went off the air, The Shield re-enters the ring and attacks Bryan. Kane and Sheamus made the save, leading to the dark match main event.

Short match which ends with Reigns getting the DQ after hitting Sheamus with a chair. The Shield sets up a triple powerbomb but Bryan runs in, grabs the chair and hits Reigns with the chair. They all hit their finishers on Dean Ambrose, who sells like a champ and the faces celebrate. Kane exists earlier than the others to sell the dissension.

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