Bob Holly Talks CM Punk's Backstage Demeanor, Being Vince's Pet Project, TNA, Lesnar, More

Source: Wrestling Heels Radio

WrestlingHeels Radio recently interviewed Bob "Hardcore" Holly, who discussed WWE, the Brock Lesnar injury, Triple H and NASCAR. Here are some highlights from the interview:

The "Sparkplug" character: "It was a silly kind of a gimmick. And people to this day, people still make fun of it, and which that's cool because I'd make fun of it too. But it gave me my start. And that's what I want people to understand that laugh and joke about it and people still call me Sparky and laugh and stuff like that. But they've got to understand if they were in my shoes, they wouldn't turn it down just to be in WWE. 'Cause I guarantee they wouldn't tell Vince whatever character they gave 'em, silly character or whatever because back then it was everything was cartoon characters, basically. And I guarantee to this day nobody would have ever turned them down [Laughter]. And I wasn't about to.

"And I thought this is what I've been working for all my life, to get in the WWE, WWF at the time. And I darn sure wasn't gonna turn it down. And I thought you know what? Just take it a step at a time. And hopefully, we can evolve to something else, in which fortunately, it did for me.

"It was Vince's idea. See, I'm gonna back up a little bit here. When the whole 'Sparkplug' gimmick came along, after I had been there for about six months, between six months and a year, I actually went to Vince and asked him if we could change it. And he did not have a problem with it at all. So he just I just said, hey, do you think we could just drop the Thurman, and we'll take baby steps and go Bob 'Sparkplug' Holly? And so we did that.

"And then eventually they put me in with the 'Midnight Express'. So then they completely dropped that whole 'Sparkplug' gimmick. And of course, I was 'Bombastic' Bob. and that was another thing I wasn't too proud of, but I was still in WWE and I was still working [Laughter].

"Yeah. And so I thought you know what? Something better's gonna come along. And then when they did the whole Brawl for All that kind of changed people's opinions quite a bit. And so then they stopped the 'Midnight Express'. And then the whole 'Job Squad' thing came along. And then I was just Bob Holly then.

"And then when they started the whole Hardcore Match and have the Hardcore Title and everything, and when I was introduced to that, that's when Vince said, we're gonna start calling Bob 'Hardcore' Holly. And so that's how that how that whole hardcore thing evolved for me."

If he ever thought about jumping to WCW during the Monday night wars: "No, no... My loyalty to me, my loyalty laid with Vince. And I just felt committed to him because he's always been so good to me. He really was. And so it didn't matter. Money to me didn't matter. My happiness and my comfort where I am was important to me and my loyalty. So it was never a thought to go to WCW, no matter how much money they offered me. Because like I said Vince was always good to me. So that's why I stayed loyal to him."

Being injured by Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar: "I was out with Kurt with my broken arm, I was out eight months with that. And then with Brock, I was out thirteen months with that. And it was just a lot of it was almost like starting over, having to work out all over to gain your size and everything back. So that was a lot of work in itself, getting back to that. But as far as getting back in the ring it was just like riding a bicycle.

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