Bob Holly Talks CM Punk's Backstage Demeanor, Being Vince's Pet Project, TNA, Lesnar, More

Source: Wrestling Heels Radio

"And one thing I will say and I have a ton of respect for Punk. I really do. And he was always happy for me whenever they would start doing something for me. 'Cause he always said you deserve it, and stuff like that. And he was one of the guys who always told me he was happy for me whenever anything good would come along for me. And that meant a lot to me.

"And I've always had tons of respect for him. And especially after I started working with him because here's a guy that he brings it. He will bring it to you. And I respect that out of him because whatever I did to him, he did back to me. And I really enjoyed that. That's what I like out of guys that'll bring it. And I always enjoyed working with him.

" The first time I worked with him, it was kind of we had kind of a different style. But after we started working a couple times, I really enjoyed working with the guy. I really, really did. But he was always very kind. Always very kind in the locker room. And anywhere you'd go and talk to him, he was always really, really nice."

If he sandbagged Brock Lesnar: "Some people want to believe is that I sandbagged Brock on that power bomb move. Number one, it wasn't gonna be a power bomb. It was supposed to be where I flipped out, landed on my feet, he throws a clothesline, I duck underneath, and I dropkick him. That was the move. And I get some people on Twitter saying that I sandbagged Brock and I deserve what I got.

"But the thing is these people that say that aren't too smart simply because, number one, if Brock can belly-to-belly Big Show, and Big Show is 500 pounds, and throw him half across the ring, do you really think that I could sandbag Brock? Hell no. There is no way in hell I could sandbag Brock [Laughter]. So I just wanted to clear that up. And me and Brock have always been friends we're cool with each other."

Wrestling for TNA: "I went down there and did they wanted me to do a match for their 'Hardcore Justice' Pay Per View. I'm not sure when that's coming up, but I did a six-man tag with it was me, Magnus, and James Storm against Aces and Eights. And I really enjoyed working for them. I really, really did. They were a great group of people. It was great seeing a lot of the guys that I've worked with in the past.

"But as far as the talent, they got a bunch of good guys. Everybody seems to be happy. Nobody seems there was no stress whatsoever. And everybody wasn't job scared. And it's just it was nice being down there in an environment like that. I mean, it was a really good time for me. And we're working on something for me to come back and do some more for 'em, but I really enjoyed it.

"I mean, I don't want to wrestle full time anymore simply because I'm enjoying doing what I'm doing now because I get up every morning, I don't know what I'm gonna do throughout the day. I just get up, and it's like and I don't even live by a clock. Half the time I don't even know what time it is, unless of course, I have to do interviews and stuff like that. But I 'm just enjoying living life on my terms.

"And if I do go back, if I do go do something for TNA it'll be on a part-time basis. And so I just really don't want to wrestle full time anymore. I really don't. And I appreciate my fans wanting me to come back full time, I really, really do. And I thank the fans a bunch for, you know my Twitter followers, everybody that's been supporting me. I'm very grateful to you all, I really, really truly am. But I just don't want to wrestle full time. And I hope everybody understands. Because I had my day in the sun, and I really don't need to, you know I just I don't need to wrestle full time anymore.

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