Robbie E Talks Joining TNA, Rampage, Working With Hulk Hogan, His WWE Cameo, TNA In GA Tonight

I spoke with TNA star Robbie E earlier this week. In the first part of the interview below, Robbie discussed being a wrestling fan at a young age, getting his start, the early days of TNA, his cameo during the Edge - Ric Flair feud, working with Hulk Hogan, Rampage Jackson signing, TNA's live event in GA tonight and more.

Make sure to check back next week for the second part of the interview, where Robbie talks about Kurt Angle being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, TNA cutting down on pay-per-views, Impact on the road, Zack Ryder and much more.

Also, fans in Georgia, make sure to check out the Impact Wrestling World Tour at The Forum Civic Center in Rome, GA tonight. Robbie E, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray, James Storm, Bad Influence, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Gail Kim are amongst the wrestlers scheduled to appear. Tickets are on sale at The Forum Civic Center box office, and charge by phone at 706-291-5281 or 1-800-858-7601. Tickets start at $15, and fans who purchase a $65 ticket will receive an early-entry autograph session with select TNA at 5:30 p.m.. You can also follow Robbie on Twitter @RobbieEImpact, on Instagram at RobbieEImpact and on his website, I understand you were a wrestling fan at a very early age. What are some of your earliest memories of the business?

Robbie E: Weirdly enough, I know the first match I ever saw was on [WCW] Main Event, I think it was called. The show that WCW used to have on Sundays and it was Dan Spivey vs. Sting. I remember that was the first match I ever saw, weirdly enough. But then from there I had an older brother, so he was into it. So I just kind of watched with him just because he liked it so I wanted to like it. But I remember Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, obviously, I was a little kid. I started when I was like four. All the heroes from that era were the guys that I liked. Who were your favorites of that era?

Robbie E: Definitely Hulk Hogan. I was a Hulkamaniac when I was four. Did you realize when you were a kid that this was something you wanted to do once you got older?

Robbie E: Yeah, I actually knew really young that I was. I liked wrestling in elementary school and then I got out of it in middle school because I was into girls and I was too cool for it. But then I got back into it in high school and when I got into it in high school, from freshman year on, so say I was like 13 or 14, I liked it in a different way. Like, I actually started to want to learn about it and took it more serious. I watched the wrestling for the cool athletic stuff in the ring.

So I'd say at about 13 or 14, I started telling people I was going to do it. I knew right when I turned 16, there was a school in Jersey that if you had your parent's signature you could start at the age of 16. Like the day I turned 16 I went and had my parents sign and started it. I was like 130 pounds. So, you actually started wrestling in 2000, is that right?

Robbie E: I started in 2000. I was a junior in high school, I was 16. I was already taking 8x10s of myself and selling them in school to my teachers, my principal, the other students and stuff and telling everyone that I was going to be a huge wrestling star.

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