Robbie E Talks Joining TNA, Rampage, Working With Hulk Hogan, His WWE Cameo, TNA In GA Tonight Wow, that's crazy because it was only a few years later when you made your first appearances for TNA, during their early days. What are your memories of wrestling for them during that period?

Robbie E: If you worked for NWA Wildside for Bill Behrens, you kind of got the opportunity to go out there and get a tryout with TNA. So I was asked to go down a few times. Any experiences like that, you want to get around all the guys that are at the top. You want to listen and learn everything you can and hope that something happens for you. I was super young and super small. Still a lot to learn at that time. Did you think that they'd be around and on national TV ten years later?

Robbie E: Weirdly enough, I did. I don't know why, there was just something. Maybe it was because there were no other wrestling organizations around at the time. They were the only other one. So, I just kind of felt like they kind of had to stay. Everyone there was so positive and they had good guys. There really would have been no reason for them not to last. You also made a cameo in WWE in 2006 with the Edge and Ric Flair feud. What was that experience like and also getting to be involved in an angle with Ric Flair?

Robbie E: It was what it was. But again, at the time, when you're on the independents, you basically just take any opportunity you can get. I was just looking for something bigger and better from where I was. That really happened when I finally got to TNA. Almost three years ago now I signed a contract with them. What was that like when you finally got your big break with TNA in 2010? I mean, you had been on the independent circuit for 10 years. Were you starting to lose faith at all or did you know it was coming?

Robbie E: I wasn't losing faith because the thing about wrestling is a lot of right place, right time. You just need the right opportunity and to be seen by the right people. I was always confident enough to know that I was good enough in the ring. I'm entertaining enough on the microphone. I was always in shape. I was always tanned up. I always took care of myself well. I was always trying to work on new characters. I had a good attitude, so I was always positive and felt that I deserved it and at some point my time was going to come. And it did. It's all about patience. Too many people give up too quick. They think it's going to happen over night. That's not the case. The character, the kind of Jersey Shore-inspired character, was that something you were doing before TNA? Or was that something you started once you signed?

Robbie E: I don't feel like it's so much my character. Yes, it's TV where sometimes you act goofier than you normally are, but I'm from Jersey. Every single bar or club that you saw in the show The Jersey Shore, I went to and still go to. My life's pretty much going to the gym and tanning, that's all I do on my off days. It's really just my life. So there's really not much to it being a character. It's really me. If you know me, you know that. What was it like getting involved with The Jersey Shore cast, shortly after debuting, and being put into a high profile feud?

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