Source: Regular Guys Podcast

Jeff Hardy recently sat down with the Regular Guys podcast. Here are some highlights from the interview.

What does he think is the craziest thing he has done in the ring: "There's been a lot, but one always stands out is when Edge speared me. I was actually hanging from where the belts were hanging. It was just terrifying."

What's the worst injury he's ever suffered in the ring: "I've been really lucky. I've had no surgeries up to date. In my second motor cross race I broke my collar bone. That's the only bone I've ever broke. But in professional wrestling, I've been real lucky."

How many pain pills did he take a day when he was having drug problems: "At the most, maybe 25, 30. Real bad, it got the best of me. I'm on my third year drug free now."

You can listen to the whole interview here.

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