Source: TMZ

Former WWE star Justin Credible says he was a victim of a home invasion on Thursday night when three criminals with guns threatend to kill his family, while he slept through the whole thing.

Credible told TMZ that he and his wife were sleeping when family members woke them up saying the house had just been robbed.

Credible says the bad guys broke a kitchen window to enter the residence and made their way to a bedroom upstairs where his brother and nephew were sleeping. Credible said the men tied his brother up with zip ties and told him if one noise was made "they'd be shot."

The burglars then made their way to his parents' bedroom and woke the elderly couple up, tied them up and continually grilled them on where the family kept their safe. The burglars were told they didn't have one, so the 3 men took $5 from his dad's wallet, stole his mother's cell phone and rushed out of the house.

Credible believes the attack was not at random because the criminals kept mentioning his brother by name during the invasion. The investigation is still on-going.

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