WWE SmackDown Results With Video: Randy Orton Heel Turn?, Sheamus Beatdown, More

Then, Ryback and Kane are backstage. Ryback asks if Kane likes what he did to Bryan. Kane says that his rules don't apply to him and asks if Ryback can put him through a table like he did to Kofi Kingston and Bryan.

Then, the Wyatt Family vignette from RAW is shown.

Next, the RAW Rebound is shown, chronicling the segments between the McMahons and Triple H.

Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Heath Slater (with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre)

Before the match can begin, 3MB attacks Del Rio. Slater holds Ricardo back. Mahal holds Del Rio and McIntyre goes for a big boot, but Del Rio moves and McIntyre hits Mahal. Del Rio then sends McIntyre from the ring. Del hits Slater with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Del Rio locks the cross arm breaker on Slater. McIntyre and Mahal come into the ring to save Slater and all of 3MB end up on the outside of the ring. Rodriguez goes up top and dives off, taking them all out.

Del Rio and Rodriguez get back in the ring and Dolph Ziggler appears via satellite clapping. Ziggler says he knows it seems like he's stealing the spotlight, but that's what he does. Ziggler says he is medically cleared to compete and that he will show off right in front of Del Rio's face on RAW.

Kane vs. Ryback

Kane and Ryback tie up and shove each other off. They tie up again and Ryback backs Kane into the corner. Kane fights out with right hands and Ryback hits a shoulder knockdown. He goes for a leg drop, but Kane moves. Kane dropkicks Ryback in the face. Ryback comes back with a military press. He then knees Kane in the back multiple times. Ryback headbutts Kane. Kane lands a big boot and then clotheslines him in the corner twice. Kane lands a sidewalk slam.

Kane uppercuts Ryback and then lands a DDT. He clotheslines Ryback over the top rope and heads outside. Ryback sends Kane's head into the barrier. He then slams the back of Kane's head against the barrier. Ryback sends a table into the ring. He tries to attack Kane, who sends him back into the ring. Kane goes up top for his lariat, but Ryback moves and lands a spine buster. Ryback goes for the meat hook, but Kane counters into the chokeslam. Ryback grabs the bottom rope off the pin attempt.

Kane sets up the table. He grabs Ryback by the neck and Ryback rakes his eyes. He then picks Kane up and powerbombs him through the table.

Winner via DQ: Kane

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