WWE SmackDown Results With Video: Randy Orton Heel Turn?, Sheamus Beatdown, More

He boots Bryan on the mat and Reigns comes in. Rollins whips Bryan into the corner, Reigns whips Rollins into Bryan and Rollins sends Bryan into a clothesline by Reigns. Reigns locks in a side headlock on the mat. Bryan fights out, but Reigns sends him into the corner and stomps his chest. Reigns charges Bryan and Bryan drop toe holds him into the center turnbuckle. Orton and Rollins both come in and Orton lands a clothesline and his snap power slam. He kicks Reigns off the apron and lands his draping DDT.

He signals for the RKO and Reigns pulls Rollins out of the ring. Back from commercial and Reigns is in control. He chokes Orton on the center rope. Orton fights back, but Reigns is able to tag in Rollins. He attacks Orton with many kicks and punches. Reigns comes back in and stomps Orton in the chest. Rollins comes back in and Reigns and Rollins both whip Orton into the corner. Reigns whips Rollins into Orton, but Orton puts his boot up. Reigns charges Orton and Orton sends him into the turnbuckle.

Orton clotheslines Rollins. Orton tags in Bryan. Bryan goes up top and hits a double missile dropkick on both Reigns and Rollins. He then kicks both of them repeatedly. He finally kicks Rollins in the head for a near pin fall. Bryan sends Rollins into the corner and delivers body kicks. Bryan lands a German Suplex (I believe) that sends Rollins from the ring. He then dives through the ropes and takes out both Rollins and Reigns.

Bryan sends Rollins into the ring and goes up top. He hits a splash and Reigns breaks up the pin attempt. Orton RKOs Reigns. Rollins backs Orton in the corner and rams his shoulder into Orton's gut. Bryan charges them and Rollins moves. Bryan accidentally dropkicks Orton. He then locks in the No Lock on Rollins. Ambrose interferes and breaks it up.

Winners via DQ: Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton

Ambrose keeps attacking Bryan. He holds Bryan's arms behind his back. Rollins charges and Bryan puts a boot up. Bryan elbows Ambrose out of the ring. Rollins charges and Bryan backdrops him out of the ring as well. Bryan turns around and Randy Orton RKOs him to end the show.

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