Thanks to reader Chris Cushman for sending in these results for last night's TNA live event in Aiken, SC:

* Joseph Park defeated Robbie E. Pretty good opener that saw Park win with a second rope splash.

* Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim. Good knockouts match. Kim did some mic work before the match, offering Sky until the count of three to leave the match. Sky stopped her at two, grabbed the mic, cut a promo before saying three and kicking Kim to the outside. These two put on a pretty solid match.

* Kurt Angle defeated Wes Brisco with the Angle Slam. Angle cut a promo after the match about the Hall Of Fame and thank the guys in the back, and of course, the fans.

* AJ Styles defeated Bobby Roode via submission. The interesting thing about this match occurred before the match started, as Roode was outside drawing heat from a fan, Styles heard something from an obnoxious fan sitting at ringside. He then quickly ran out of the ring, got in the fan's face, and brought a chair over for the fan to use to get over the railing. When the fan pushed the chair, Styles got pissed and shoved the fan. They then exchanged words as Styles got back in the ring. Styles, then still pissed, got back out the ring, hopped the rail and headed to the actual exit of the building, apparently challenging the guy to a fight outside. But, even with the fans daring him too, the guy wanted no part of it. After this, Roode and Styles went on to have the match of the night.

* Daniels and Kaz defeated Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. This was a comedy match with a lot of hugging jokes at the beginning of the match.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson with the twist of fate. This match saw a run in from Wes Brisco, and saw Mr. Anderson originally awarded the match after pinning Hardy after using a chain. But when Brian Hebner raised Anderson"s arm, the chain fell and the match was restarted. Hardy then hit the twist of fate for the win.

Notes: Daniels and Kaz were at the local Direct Auto from 1-3pm for a meet and greet. Velvet Sky was signing autographs at the table before the show. I bought the Angle and Anderson double figure pack and was able to go backstage to meet them. Earl Hebner did his usual tired old bit he has been doing at house shows for years about revealing his "Damn right I did" shirt and doing a bad Bret Hart impersonation. He was signing at the table during intermission. The attendance was very poor. I wasn't expecting much, but expected a bigger crowd than what it was. Overall, I thought it was a great show and highly recommend you check out a TNA house show. They are extremely fan friendly and the kids love it! I know mine did!

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