Michael Cole has a new blog over on LayfieldReport.com. He wrote the following about the Payback pay-per-view:

"I am getting excited for our brand new Pay per View known as 'Payback' in the great wresting town of Chicago on Sunday Night June 16th. The All State Arena is one of the best venues we play. The WWE Championship match of John Cena versus Ryback in a 3 stages of Hell match will be intriguing, especially the way Ryback is coming around as a performer. My personal favorite however will be Chris Jericho versus CM Punk and I expect it to be the match of the night. Two of the all-time greats with such an awesome story to tell. Punk returning to the ring in his hometown for his first match since the incredible bout with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Jericho with a score to settle with Punk after last year's great rivalry. This is going to be so great and I have the absolute honor and privilege to sit at ringside and call all the action. It is the opportunity to call bouts like these that we bust our rear ends all year!"

Cole also wrote about teaming with JBL for the World Cup Marlin Fishing Championship and provided an update on their weight loss challenge, you can read the full blog by clicking here.

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