Matt Taven and Truth Martini come down to the ring. Martini grabs the mic and says at Best in the World, they're going to see if Jay Lethal has what it takes to take the Television Title. Martini says that he and Taven are issuing an open challenge Proving Ground match for any wrestler in the back.

Proving Ground
Matt Taven (with Truth Martini) vs. Pepper Parks
If Pepper Parks defeats Matt Taven, he receives a future shot at the TV Title

Before the bell rings, Martini takes up the mic and talks trash on Parks. Parks lays Taven out and strikes him in the corner. He whips Taven to another corner and backdrops him. Taven tries to kick Parks and Parks catches his leg. Taven comes back with a back elbow. He tries to charge Parks in the corner, but Parks puts a knee up. He then locks Taven in a chin lock on the mat. Taven gets to his feet and tries for an arm drag takedown, but Parks stops it and lands a dropkick.

Parks lands an arm drag takedown and then a Russian leg sweep. Parks kicks Taven in the gut and bounds off the ropes. Taven kicks Parks in the face and then snap mares him. They exchange strikes. Taven kicks Parks in the gut. He tries to keep the attack up, but Parks lands a Suplex. Parks goes up top and tries for a spinning DDT, but Taven counters and sends Parks to the apron. Taven then lands a draping, swinging neckbreaker. Taven goes up top and leaps off, but Parks moves.

Parks goes up top, but Taven kicks him in the face and stops him. Taven tries for a superplex, but Parks counters into a powerbomb from up top. Parks goes up top again and leaps off, but Taven moves. He then hits his arm trap headlock driver for the win.

Winner: Matt Taven

A promo is then shown from Jay Briscoe hyping Best In The World and the main event.

Rip Impact vs. Tommaso Ciampa

This is Impact's ROH debut. Impact immediately starts striking Ciampa. Ciampa sends him into the corner and hits multiple strikes to the head and body. He pulls his kneepad down and hits a pair of running knees to the skull. Ciampa signals for Project Ciampa, but Impact reverses into a pin attempt. Impact then hits a jawbreaker. Ciampa hits a release dragon Suplex and a clothesline for a near pin fall. Ciampa hits a very delayed vertical Suplex. Michael Elgin comes and gets on the apron and he and Ciampa stare each other down.

Impact has since bailed to the apron. Ciampa goes to pull him inside and Impact rams his shoulder into Ciampa's gut and kicks him in the head, sending Ciampa to the corner. He charges Ciampa, who moves. Ciampa charges Impact, who puts a boot up. Impact lands an enziguri. He goes up top and Ciampa kicks stomps him. He knees Impact in the face and then goes up top as well. Ciampa lands an over the shoulder back to belly piledriver from the second rope for the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Elgin grabs a mic and gets into the ring. He says he is the wrong person to pick a fight with and that he will make Ciampa's return short lived. He says he will see Ciampa at Best in the World.

Next, Inside ROH is shown. A brief recap of what a returning Ciampa did to QT Marshall last week is shown, followed by his encounter in the ring with RD Evans and then Michael Elgin. Kevin Kelly then states that the match between the two is now officially signed. Elgin then says that he understands what Ciampa is doing. He says Ciampa has guts, but he welcomes a fight like that with open arms. He says Ciampa will find out that he is unbreakable.

Next, Adam Cole is shown. He says that there's been a lot of talk about an attitude change with him. He says he has always tried to be the best, but losing the TV Title made him see that the only thing that matters is wins and losses. He says at BITW he will defeat Roderick Strong.

Kevin Steen is then shown. He says 10 years ago, he was watching Matt Hardy in TLC matches and that it must have been on hard in him. He says it's nothing compared to what's going to happen to him in Baltimore because he is going to make him wish he was jumping off a ladder or being hit by a chair. Kevin Kelly then states that next week's TV episode will be a road rage episode with the main event being BJ Whitmer vs. Jay Briscoe for the World Title.

Steve Corino, Rhett Titus, Jimmy Jacobs and Cliff Compton come down to the ring. Corino says that ROH had made mistake after mistake. He says that Nigel McGuinness has made three of the worst mistakes. He says he can forgive him for not giving Hardy a title shot at BITW because he will become champion soon anyway. He says he made number one contender matches, but left out Titus, Compton and Jacobs and that it was his plan to have C&C and Lethal compete at BITW all along.

He talks some trash, calls McGuinness a coward and dares him to come after him. Lethal and C&C come out. Corino says they were just talking about them and mentions how they have all lost to SCUM. Corino tells McGuinness to start making better decisions before he burns the company to the ground. He says he can make sure Lethal and C&C don't make it to BITW. McGuinness tells him to do it. Everyone starts brawling except for Corino and Nigel, who stare each other down. Refs come in to break the brawl up as Corino leaves the ring.

The American Wolves vs. The Briscoes

Mark and Edwards start things off. They tie up and chain wrestle. Edwards gets an arm drag takedown. They go back and forth with strikes and blocks. Richards and Jay come in. Jay pushes Richards and Richards locks in a side headlock. They exchange shoulder knockdown attempts. Jay stops a dive attempt and takes control. Mark comes in and the Briscoes hit a double shoulder knockdown. Mark kicks Richards in the corner. Richards comes back with a kick to the head. He tags Edwards in.

Richards sends Mark to the outside and Edwards body slams him. He then kicks Mark in the back and sends him into the ring. Edwards tries for a vertical Suplex, but Mark reverses and tags Jay in. Jay lands a series of strikes. He keeps the attack up. Mark runs across the ring and hits Richards off the apron. The Briscoes whip Edwards and he hangs onto the ropes. Edwards sends both Briscoes outside. Richards kicks Jay from the apron and Edwards takes Mark out with a dive. Richards sends Jay back in the ring.

Richards whips Jay into the corner and Edwards whips Richards into Jay, who backdrops him to the apron. Richards kicks Jay in the back of the head as Edwards charges him. Richards goes up top and hits a missile dropkick as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Richards has a submission locked in on Jay. Mark breaks it up and Edwards gets tagged in. He hits Jay with a chop and then an elbow in the corner. Edwards lands multiple chops in the corner.

Jay goes up top and Edwards lands an enziguri. He tries to capitalize, but Jay hits a spine buster. Both Mark and Richards come in. Richards kicks Mark in the corner multiple times. Mark rolls out of the corner and lands a bunch of redneck kung fu. He then clotheslines Richards in the corner and sets him up top. Richards fights him off. Mark turns around and fights off an interfering Edwards. Richards leaps off the top rope. Mark catches him in slingshot position. He slingshots Richards into Jay, who delivers a super kick.

Mark then picks up Richards on his shoulder almost in a crucifix position and Jay hits a cutter. Edwards breaks up the pin attempt and Jay sends him from the ring. They start brawling around the ring. In the ring, Mark goes up top for the Froggy bow, but Richards stops him with a headbutt. Jay comes into the ring and picks Richards up for the Doomsday Device, but Edwards comes in and enziguri's Mark. Jay Superkicks Richards, Edwards kicks Jay and Jay hits Edwards with a big boot.

Richards kicks Jay and then lands a German. Richards then locks Jay in an arm bar. Mark leaps off the top and hits Richards with the Froggy bow for a near pin fall. Everyone is laid out. Mark and Edwards get up first and exchange strikes. Edwards tosses Mark into Richards, who hits an alarm clock. Edwards then super kicks Jay. The Wolves go up top in opposite corners. Edwards hits a double boot stomp to Jay's back and Richards hits one to what looked like Jay's throat for a near pin fall.

Edwards picks Jay up in a power bomb position and Mark grabs Richards' foot to prevent the double team. Jay fights out of Edwards' hold and Richards kicks Mark off him. Jay tries to hit Richards with a German Suplex, but Richards reverses. Jay then lands a release dragon Suplex.

Jay picks Richards up and Mark goes up top. Edwards stops Mark and Richards fights out of Jay's hold. Jay goes to strike Richards, who ducks and accidentally hits Mark. Richards then puts Jay into a piledriver position, Edwards kicks Jay in the head and Richards lands the piledriver for the win.

Winners: The American Wolves

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