ROH TV Recap: American Wolves Vs. The Briscoes, Proving Ground Open Challenge, More

Mark then picks up Richards on his shoulder almost in a crucifix position and Jay hits a cutter. Edwards breaks up the pin attempt and Jay sends him from the ring. They start brawling around the ring. In the ring, Mark goes up top for the Froggy bow, but Richards stops him with a headbutt. Jay comes into the ring and picks Richards up for the Doomsday Device, but Edwards comes in and enziguri's Mark. Jay Superkicks Richards, Edwards kicks Jay and Jay hits Edwards with a big boot.

Richards kicks Jay and then lands a German. Richards then locks Jay in an arm bar. Mark leaps off the top and hits Richards with the Froggy bow for a near pin fall. Everyone is laid out. Mark and Edwards get up first and exchange strikes. Edwards tosses Mark into Richards, who hits an alarm clock. Edwards then super kicks Jay. The Wolves go up top in opposite corners. Edwards hits a double boot stomp to Jay's back and Richards hits one to what looked like Jay's throat for a near pin fall.

Edwards picks Jay up in a power bomb position and Mark grabs Richards' foot to prevent the double team. Jay fights out of Edwards' hold and Richards kicks Mark off him. Jay tries to hit Richards with a German Suplex, but Richards reverses. Jay then lands a release dragon Suplex.

Jay picks Richards up and Mark goes up top. Edwards stops Mark and Richards fights out of Jay's hold. Jay goes to strike Richards, who ducks and accidentally hits Mark. Richards then puts Jay into a piledriver position, Edwards kicks Jay in the head and Richards lands the piledriver for the win.

Winners: The American Wolves

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