ROH TV Recap: American Wolves Vs. The Briscoes, Proving Ground Open Challenge, More

Matt Taven and Truth Martini come down to the ring. Martini grabs the mic and says at Best in the World, they're going to see if Jay Lethal has what it takes to take the Television Title. Martini says that he and Taven are issuing an open challenge Proving Ground match for any wrestler in the back.

Proving Ground
Matt Taven (with Truth Martini) vs. Pepper Parks
If Pepper Parks defeats Matt Taven, he receives a future shot at the TV Title

Before the bell rings, Martini takes up the mic and talks trash on Parks. Parks lays Taven out and strikes him in the corner. He whips Taven to another corner and backdrops him. Taven tries to kick Parks and Parks catches his leg. Taven comes back with a back elbow. He tries to charge Parks in the corner, but Parks puts a knee up. He then locks Taven in a chin lock on the mat. Taven gets to his feet and tries for an arm drag takedown, but Parks stops it and lands a dropkick.

Parks lands an arm drag takedown and then a Russian leg sweep. Parks kicks Taven in the gut and bounds off the ropes. Taven kicks Parks in the face and then snap mares him. They exchange strikes. Taven kicks Parks in the gut. He tries to keep the attack up, but Parks lands a Suplex. Parks goes up top and tries for a spinning DDT, but Taven counters and sends Parks to the apron. Taven then lands a draping, swinging neckbreaker. Taven goes up top and leaps off, but Parks moves.

Parks goes up top, but Taven kicks him in the face and stops him. Taven tries for a superplex, but Parks counters into a powerbomb from up top. Parks goes up top again and leaps off, but Taven moves. He then hits his arm trap headlock driver for the win.

Winner: Matt Taven

A promo is then shown from Jay Briscoe hyping Best In The World and the main event.

Rip Impact vs. Tommaso Ciampa

This is Impact's ROH debut. Impact immediately starts striking Ciampa. Ciampa sends him into the corner and hits multiple strikes to the head and body. He pulls his kneepad down and hits a pair of running knees to the skull. Ciampa signals for Project Ciampa, but Impact reverses into a pin attempt. Impact then hits a jawbreaker. Ciampa hits a release dragon Suplex and a clothesline for a near pin fall. Ciampa hits a very delayed vertical Suplex. Michael Elgin comes and gets on the apron and he and Ciampa stare each other down.

Impact has since bailed to the apron. Ciampa goes to pull him inside and Impact rams his shoulder into Ciampa's gut and kicks him in the head, sending Ciampa to the corner. He charges Ciampa, who moves. Ciampa charges Impact, who puts a boot up. Impact lands an enziguri. He goes up top and Ciampa kicks stomps him. He knees Impact in the face and then goes up top as well. Ciampa lands an over the shoulder back to belly piledriver from the second rope for the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Elgin grabs a mic and gets into the ring. He says he is the wrong person to pick a fight with and that he will make Ciampa's return short lived. He says he will see Ciampa at Best in the World.

Next, Inside ROH is shown. A brief recap of what a returning Ciampa did to QT Marshall last week is shown, followed by his encounter in the ring with RD Evans and then Michael Elgin. Kevin Kelly then states that the match between the two is now officially signed. Elgin then says that he understands what Ciampa is doing. He says Ciampa has guts, but he welcomes a fight like that with open arms. He says Ciampa will find out that he is unbreakable.

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