Source: Kentucky Sports Radio

Sting recently sat down with Kentucky Sports Radio. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Why does he think people had more of an affinity for wrestlers like Hulk Hogan or himself, as opposed to modern day wrestlers like John Cena: "The only thing I can think of is, you know, back when I started there wasn't 1000 channels on TV. Reality show after reality show. Pay per views, movies. You can get anything you want on TV now. Whereas before, when I started, there wasn't quite that many stations. Not a whole lot to choose from. So that's part of it and we're the last of a generation of that style. It's kind of like the old school, more the character of the guy, of the wrestler. I think that's kind of disappeared too in our sport now."

How does he feel about never being able to compete for the World Heavyweight Title again: "You know, I've been there and had the World Title on many different occasions with WCW and with TNA. It's not so much about the World Title anymore for me anyway. Although when that was first introduced it was something to seriously think about because what does this mean? Is this the first step towards retirement? The next step would be putting out to pasture now."

Is there anyone he hasn't wrestled that he wishes he could: "I know you want me to take the bait here. Over the years I've talked about wrestling 'Taker. That's no secret. You mention the name Shawn Michaels, I never did wrestle him. I did wrestle Taker when he was Mean Mark and that was early 90s I think. That's probably it."

What is his favorite match of his of all time: "That's a hard one to say, the top one of all time, because really there's like a top three for me. The first one would have been Clash of Champions. It was live on TBS. 45 minutes, commercial free against Ric Flair for the World Title. That match literally put me on the map. In 1990 I won the title from Ric Flair for the first time at Great American Bash in Baltimore Maryland. That one. And then of course, Hulk Hogan at Starrcade in 97. That was huge because we broke character and it was a culmination of everything."

What do wrestlers think about the movie The Wrestler: "I have not seen that movie. I've seen little bits and pieces of it and it seems it really gives the whole seedy, dirty, grimy side of wrestling. And yes, there is a side that is like that. That was more 20 years ago I think and now it's a lot different. We're talking mainstream now. Wrestling has become so mainstream. I think Mickey Rourke did a great job. Being a pro wrestler and trying to come back and being all messed up on the road. It's public. Everybody knows that there's been a lot of guys we've lost to drugs and alcohol and a lifestyle that's pretty brutal. Being a pro wrestler and traveling all around the world and being a human superball every single day of your life, it takes it's toll on you after awhile. He did a good job. He got in great physical condition and his moves looked good in the ring. He did capture the essence of wrestlers from say, 20 years ago."

You can check out the whole interview here.

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