- Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones, who appeared for TNA in 2007 but was never able to wrestle due to a conflict with his football contract, pled not guilty to an assault charge today. Jones was reportedly approached last week by two intoxicated women outside of a lounge, who asked for an autograph and a picture with him. After he declined, one of the women apparently threw a beer bottle at him. Jones responded by striking the woman. The incident was caught on video, which you can watch above at the 0:20 mark. Jones noted on his Twitter that he was simply protecting himself.

- Halle Berry has been nominated for "Best Actress" at the BET Awards for her role in the WWE Studios movie, The Call. The awards show will air live on BET on June 30th at 8pm ET.

- The following press release was sent regarding the third season of Shawn Michaels' Macmillan River Adventures:

Shawn Michaels' Macmillan River Adventures returns to Outdoor Channel on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 Tuesdays 11:30PM ET, Wednesdays 8AM ET, Saturdays 7PM ET.

Award winning, Shawn Michaels "MacMillan River Adventures" will return to Outdoor Channel on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. With two incredibly exciting and successful seasons behind them, host Shawn Michaels, with his co-host Keith Mark, are back for season three with even bigger and more adventurous episodes!

"If you think last couple of years were exciting, you haven't seen anything yet!" Shawn recently said. "I am so excited for my fans and friends to share with Keith and I these new, and I really believe, better, adventures!" Shawn added.

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