NXT opens up with a recap of the number one contender battle royal that Bo Dallas won.

Sami Zayn vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro immediately charges Zayn and shoves him out of the ring. He follows Zayn and drapes him across the barrier. He then picks Zayn up and runs his abdomen into the ring post. He sends Zayn back in the ring and the ref rings the bell. Cesaro hits a running uppercut in the corner and then delivers two cross face strikes. Zayn tries to come back with chops, but Cesaro delivers several knees to the gut. Cesaro charges Zayn, who back drops him. Cesaro comes back quickly with a Spinebuster. He then locks Zayn in a Chinlock. Zayn fights to his feet and lands a dropkick.

Cesaro rams Zayn into the corner and hits body shots. Zayn lands a pair of chops and then Cesaro lands chops of his own. Cesaro goes for an uppercut, but Zayn counters into a backslide pin attempt. Zayn bounds off the ropes and leaps in the air at Cesaro, but Cesaro catches him and counters into a backbreaker as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Zayn lands a jaw breaker, followed by a roll up attempt. Cesaro lands a double boot stomp.

He stomps on Zayn's fingers and then locks him in a chin lock. Zayn tries to get to his feet and Cesaro slams him back to the mat. Zayn gets to his feet again and backs Cesaro into the corner. Cesaro lands a European Uppercut for a near pin fall. Cesaro lands a Gutwrench Suplex and then punches Zayn in the head. He then delivers more body shots to Zayn in the corner. Zayn locks in a body scissors. He then locks in a head scissors and sends Cesaro from the ring. Zayn lands a senton dive.

He tosses Cesaro back into the ring. Zayn goes up top and leaps off, but Cesaro catches him with an uppercut. Cesaro locks in another Chinlock. Zayn then lands a modified Canadian Destroyer for a near pin fall. Zayn charges Cesaro in the corner and Cesaro puts a boot up. Cesaro dead lifts Zayn up into a vertical Suplex position, but Zayn counters into a roll up attempt. Cesaro locks in another chin lock. Cesaro lands the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Renee Young is then backstage with Bayley. She says she hasn't had a chance to talk to her yet and asks how she is. Young says that Bayley has a match in the Divas Championship tournament against Alicia Fox and asks if she is ready. Bayley says Fox is pretty and asks Young if she thinks she is pretty. She then says she will beat Fox.

Baron Corbin and Travis Tyler vs. Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan (with Sylvester Lefort)

Tyler and Dawson start things off. They tie up and Dawson backs him against the ropes. Tyler locks in a side headlock. Dawson fights out and lands a back elbow. Garrett comes in and kicks Tyler in the corner. Dawson and Garrett exchange quick tags. Dawson kicks Tyler in the gut and gets a one count. He whips Tyler, who kicks Dawson in the head and lands a clothesline. Corbin comes in and lands several shoulder tackles. He backs Dawson to the ropes and Garrett tags in. Dawson hits Corbin with a spine buster and Garrett lands a sitting double axe handle from up top for the win.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan

Kassius Ohno, Adrian Neville and Corey Graves are then shown arguing about who gets to face Bray Wyatt backstage. William Regal walks up and says The Wyatt Family is getting like The Shield. He says no one has been able to take them out because people can't band together and put their egos aside. Regal encourages them to do so. Neville asks Ohno and Graves to watch his back in his singles match against Wyatt next week. Graves and Ohno both say they're in.

Neville and Graves walk off. Ohno grabs Regal and tells him thank you.

NXT Women's Championship Tournament
Bayley vs. Alicia Fox

Bayley extends her hand for Fox to shake and she hugs Fox. Fox lands a back elbow and then slams Bayley's head into the turnbuckle multiple times. Fox hits a snap mare, followed by a Chinlock. Bayley fights to her feet. She sends Bayley into the corner and slaps her face. Bayley fights out with forearms and then lands a Monkey flip. Bayley hits a knee drop. Bayley hits an exploder Suplex for a near pin fall. Fox comes back and hits a scissors kick for the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox

A video from Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family is then shown as things go to commercial. Then, another recap from the number one contender's battle royal is shown.

NXT Championship
Bo Dallas vs. Big E. Langston (c)

Dallas tries to lock in a waist lock and Langston tosses him off. Dallas locks in a side headlock and tries to hit a shoulder knockdown to no avail. They chain wrestle and Langston hits a shoulder knockdown. Dallas comes back quickly and takes Langston's knee out. Langston charges Dallas, who pulls the ropes down, and crashes to the outside. Langston gets back in the ring and tosses Dallas into the turnbuckle.

Back from commercial and Langston runs Dallas into the apron on the outside. He sends Dallas into the ring and punches him in the gut five times. Langston lands a big clothesline for a near pin fall. Langston lands a big splash. Dallas crawls to the corner. Langston hits a back elbow that sends Dallas to the outside. He sends Dallas back inside and goes for another splash, but Dallas rolls out of the way. Dallas tries to take Langston out with a clothesline three times. Dallas then hits a bulldog.

Langston comes back with a belly to belly Suplex. Langston hits three clotheslines and then knees him in the gut five times. Langston hits his running body block ad signals for the Big Ending. Dallas grabs onto the ropes and rips the cover off the turnbuckle. He shoves Langston into the exposed turnbuckle twice. He then hits a belly to belly Suplex for the win.

Winner and new NXT Champion: Bo Dallas

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