- Back to the Movies has an interview with Mick Foley about the "I am Santa" Kickstarter campaign, which you can watch above. You can donate to the project by clicking here.

- Foley also did an AMA on Reddit this week to promote the Kickstarter campaign. Here are some highlights:

What the plan was had the roof of the Hell in a Cell cage not broken during his match with The Undertaker at King of the Ring: "I really thought the cell would slowly tear, so that the Undertaker would be stuffing me down a hole and the image would be of me dangling upside down, being stuffed through a hole, not plummeting into unconsciousness... and the history books."

If losing so often hurt his legacy a bit: "That's a good question, I will give you a two part answer. No, I don't think it diluted my legacy, but I will grant you that at a certain point, defeating me was no longer seen as such a big deal. But fortunately, it was a big deal when Randy Orton defeated me, and when Edge defeated me in 2006."

Daniel Bryan: "Daniel Bryan is the most fascinating wrestler/character combo I've seen in a long time."

Lots more is contained in the AMA, you can read it by clicking here. Once again, you can contribute to Foley's "I am Santa" Kickstarter campaign at this link.

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