- Impact begins with a recap of the Rampage Jackson debut. This is the Bound for Glory selection show. Plus, how will Hulk Hogan react to his daughter's actions last week?

- We go to the arena in Atlanta, GA as Hulk Hogan makes his entrance. Hogan gets in the ring and says it was an act of God that caused him to not hit Bully in the back of the head with the hammer last week. He says he told Brooke to stay home this week. Hulk changes gears to the BFG Series and introduces last year's winner, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff starts to talk about winning the tournament and the title this time, but Bobby Roode interrupts. Roode says he was the longest reigning and most dominant World Champion in TNA history. He makes his way in the ring and gets in Jeff's face and says he won the very first BFG Series. Hogan says the fans will decide who gets the first call-out between Hardy and Roode next week at Open Fight Night. Roode says he will call out Hardy. Hardy says to do it now.

Bully Ray and company come out. Bully says it doesn't matter who wins the BFG Series because they will have to face him, the champion. He asks Hulk why nobody from Aces & 8's is in the Series. Hogan says there is one spot for an Aces & 8's member and they will all be in a Battle Royale tonight to determine which one. Bully tells the brothers to attack the ring but Roode and Hardy take care of them and they retreat. Roode gets in a cheap shot on Hardy and he escapes also.

- Tenay, with Taz, welcomes us to the show and Tenay says we will hear from Sting tonight.

- We go to the back as Bad Influence cut a promo on Gunner and Storm as Daniels sits at a piano. The usual shenanigans ensue as we go to commercial.

BFG Series Qualifier: Bad Influence vs. Storm & Gunner

Bad Influence come out first followed by Gunner and Storm. Storm starts with Daniels. Storm gets some momentum going on Daniels as he tosses him around. Daniels tries to tag Gunner as he is rocked. Gunner tags in and resumes offense on a fresh Kazarian. Daniels grabs Gunner's foot from the floor and the heels turn the tables with quick tags on Gunner.

Gunner comes out of the corner with a double clothesline and tags Storm who speeds things up against Kaz. Storm stacks him up but Daniels breaks the count. Gunner back in now. He hits a running knee to Kaz and goes for the Torture Rack but Daniels breaks it from behind and tosses Gunner to the floor. Storm takes care of both opponents and waits for Kaz to get up for the Last Call. Daniels hits Storm from behind with the title belt as the ref is distracted and Kaz rolls Storm up for the win.

Winners by pin: Bad Influence

- Crimson is approached in the back for comments. He says he has been gone for a year and he will not answer any questions.

- Velvet Sky has an envelope in the back. She wants to give it to Mickie James and make everyone happy.

- Crimson makes his entrance in the arena. He gets in the ring and pauses for dramatic effect. He talks about the numbers 470 and 12. He says those numbers have been consuming him as the crowd gives him the "WHAT" treatment. He says he was undefeated for 470 days and when defeated, he was sent home for 12 months. He says he is no longer consumed with numbers and he is going to win the BFG Series and will start with Joseph Park.

BFG Series Qualifier: Crimson vs. Joseph Park

Crimson starts to viciously take Park apart with power moves. Crimson takes it to Park on the floor and sends him back in. Crimson hits knees to Park's temple and drops him in a neckbreaker. Park starts to fight back but gets hit with a spinebuster. Park ducks Crimson in the corner and rolls him up for the sudden upset.

Winner by pin: Joseph Park

- Mickie James applies make-up in the mirror as she talks to herself and ponders what Velvet wants to give her.

- Back from a break as Velvet Sky makes her entrance to the ring. She has the manila envelope and says that it seems her friendship with Mickie has been up in the air ever since she lost the title to her. She says she has the solution and invites the TNA Knockouts Champion to the ring. Mickie gets in the ring and starts to be "fake nice." Velvet pulls out a clearance from her doctor from the envelope and says she wants her rematch. Mickie says the release might be fake and even still, it has yesterday's date on it. Mickie says as far as she can see, Velvet has a bad knee. Mickie kicks Velvet in her knee and goes crazy on her. Mickie applies a modified STF as Velvet taps and screams in pain. Referees come out and get Mickie off.

- Matt Morgan paces in the back as he is mad that he has to "qualify" for the BFG Series. He says he will continue to jump through whatever hoops they put in front of him and he will become the World Champion.

- Rob Terry, Magnus, and Kenny King are in the ring as they await Matt Morgan.

BFG Qualifier: Matt Morgan vs. Kenny King vs. Magnus vs. Rob Terry

King gets on the bottom rope to comically "measure up" to Morgan's height. The first pin or submission wins the match and the BFG spot. Morgan and Terry begin to try to knock each other down in the center of the ring. Neither man gives. King distracts Terry from behind and Morgan takes over on Terry. King tags himself in and Morgan goes to the apron. King hits some shots to Terry and tags Morgan back in who takes Rob Terry's head off with a big boot.

The crowd chants for Magnus as King tags Morgan's back to come back in. Morgan doesn't like it. Terry hits a back bodydrop on King and tags Magnus who speeds things up and hits anything that moves. Magnus catches King from up top and drops him in a modified suplex. Magnus goes up top and flies off with an elbow but Morgan breaks the count. All four men are in the ring and exchange big moves back and forth. Magnus hits the sit-down powerbomb on King for the win.

Winner by pin: Magnus

- Sting speaks next.

- Eric Young welcomes the camera crew into his dressing room as he stands in the doorway. He uses some fish metaphors and says he wants to try to get into the BFG Series by "reeling in" Austin Aries. He realizes this interview will air and thwart his plans, so he runs and hides in a bathroom stall.

- A recap video runs of Rampage Jackson and Kurt Angle from last week.

- We go to the back as Rampage dons his signature chain and Tenay says he has arrived and we will hear from him later.

- A Sting video package is shown of his run-ins with Aces & 8's.

- Sting makes his entrance in the arena. With Atlanta being "Sting country," they all bow to him and pop big-time for his entrance. Sting says it is good to be back in Atlanta. He talks about his last shot at the World Title and that he failed. Sting says he will never forget that he was left all alone while Aces & 8's were beating him. Sting says they are like a fine-tuned machine how they work together like family. He repeats the word "family" several times. He says he will have to create his own family. Sting says he will start his own "New Main Event Mafia."

- Back from a commercial as ODB is introduced with Eric Young. We go to a promo for EY's show on Animal Planet, Off The Hook: Extreme Catches. ODB is featured and they are at an ice bar. Poor girl is still waiting on her fried chicken from last year. Austin Aries makes his entrance in the arena.

BFG Series Qualifier: Austin Aries vs. Eric Young

Aries starts to put on a clinic but Young escapes the onslaught. They go back at it and trade armbars. Aries goes back to schooling Young on the mat and he lounges in the corner. ODB gets in as Aries escapes to the floor and Young hits her with a German Suplex and lounges in the corner. Aries gets back in and falls victim to a dropkick and a near fall. Aries slides to the floor and gets in ODB's face. Young tries to intervene but Aries drops him across the top rope and slowly dissects him in the ring.

Young starts to come back and slings himself over the top and onto Aries on the floor. Back in the ring, EY hits a belly-to-belly for 2. He gets a kiss from ODB and goes up top but Aries knocks him off balance. Aries hits a corner dropkick and hits the brainbuster for the win.

Winner by pin: Austin Aries

- Aces & 8's talk in the back. It appears there is a problem with DOC's loyalty. Bully tells him it is settled and there is only one spot for Aces & 8's in the BFG Series. They all say they agree, DOC is hesitant but he clangs his beer with them anyway. He looks reluctant as they all walk away.

- X-Division Champion Chris Sabin cuts a promo in the back about his injury and what might have been. He is unsure about giving up his title for a World Title shot.

- Aces & 8's makes their way to the ring.

BFG Series Battle Royal: Aces & 8's

The bell rings as they all circle each other. Mr. Anderson pretends to shoot Wes Brisco and he falls out of the ring. Anderson gives Garett the Hogan "You" and Garett lets Anderson toss him out in a cartoonish way. Knux pretends to square up with Anderson but lets him clothesline him over the top. Anderson tells Devon to get the tables, Devon hops over the top to do so, and "realizes" he was tricked. Anderson goes to "magically" toss DOC out but DOC doesn't budge. DOC starts to step over the top but gets back in. DOC shakes his head "No" and Anderson starts to go off on him verbally. DOC strikes him some but Anderson gets him over the top anyway. The brotherhood argues on the way to the back.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

- Rampage approaches Kurt Angle in his locker room and wants to know what Angle meant by "when he's ready." Angle says Rampage has to train if he wants to step into his world. Angle says he would never come to Bellator and think he could beat Rampage the first night. They shake hands and say they each are looking forward to watching the other guy's next contest.

- Back from a break as Aces & 8's argue in the back. Bully tells them to shut up. He says all DOC had to do was stick to the plan. Bully says they (TNA) are doing to them (Aces & 8's) what they (Aces & 8's) have been doing to them (TNA). DOC says it was his bad but he thought Bully wanted them to step up. DOC wants a chance to take out AJ Styles. Bully tells DOC to get the job done.

- Kurt Angle makes his entrance to the ring for out main event. AJ Styles makes his new and improved entrance to the ring.

BFG Qualifier: Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

The bell ring with 15 minutes left and here we go. They lock up and Angle backs him into the corner. The ref breaks them and they reset. Angle goes behind and they exchange counters. AJ hits an insane looking dropkick to Angle and takes his head off. AJ continues offense as he leaps into the corner and drops Angle in a backbreaker across his knee. Angle fights back with strikes and stomps in the corner.

AJ comes back with a snap suplex and more methodical offense. Angle blocks another suplex and fights back but AJ gets him and hits the suplex in the corner turnbuckles. Rampage looks on in the back as we go to a commercial.

We're back to action as AJ dropkicks Angle through the ropes and into the announcers. Angle moves and hits a belly-to-belly on the floor. Angle sends him back in and hits a backbreaker. AJ tries to come back but Angle hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. AJ and Angle trade shots in the center but AJ hits a combination and drops Angle with a clothesline. Wow that was cool. AJ comes off with a springboard elbow and gets 2. Angle goes behind and hits a trifecta of Germans. Angle stalks AJ for the Angle Slam but AJ counters in mid-air and hits a DDT for 2. The crowd chants, "This is awesome."

Angle ducks in the corner and hits the Angle Slam for 2. Angle looks as if he is about to cry that AJ kicked out. Angle pulls the straps down and applies the Ankle Lock. AJ gets out and into a calf killer but Angle reverses back to the Ankle Lock. AJ kicks him off and his a spin kick to lay Angle out. AJ goes up top but Angle runs up from behind and tosses him. AJ lands on his feet in the ring and hits a suplex to Angle to the turnbuckle again. Maybe it was a DDT; it was kind of a mix of the two.

DOC and Knux rush the ring as Anderson distracts the ref. AJ moves and DOC and Knux run Angle over. AJ tosses DOC and Knux out as Angle takes care of Anderson. AJ rolls Angle up from behind for the win.

Winner by pin: AJ Styles

Angle is attacked in the ring by Knux, DOC, and Anderson. Rampage comes to the rescue with his chain. Rampage and Angle keep them at bay as they are back-to-back in the ring. We go off the air with Angle and Rampage standing tall.

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