Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact begins with a recap of the Rampage Jackson debut. This is the Bound for Glory selection show. Plus, how will Hulk Hogan react to his daughter's actions last week?

- We go to the arena in Atlanta, GA as Hulk Hogan makes his entrance. Hogan gets in the ring and says it was an act of God that caused him to not hit Bully in the back of the head with the hammer last week. He says he told Brooke to stay home this week. Hulk changes gears to the BFG Series and introduces last year's winner, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff starts to talk about winning the tournament and the title this time, but Bobby Roode interrupts. Roode says he was the longest reigning and most dominant World Champion in TNA history. He makes his way in the ring and gets in Jeff's face and says he won the very first BFG Series. Hogan says the fans will decide who gets the first call-out between Hardy and Roode next week at Open Fight Night. Roode says he will call out Hardy. Hardy says to do it now.

Bully Ray and company come out. Bully says it doesn't matter who wins the BFG Series because they will have to face him, the champion. He asks Hulk why nobody from Aces & 8's is in the Series. Hogan says there is one spot for an Aces & 8's member and they will all be in a Battle Royale tonight to determine which one. Bully tells the brothers to attack the ring but Roode and Hardy take care of them and they retreat. Roode gets in a cheap shot on Hardy and he escapes also.

- Tenay, with Taz, welcomes us to the show and Tenay says we will hear from Sting tonight.

- We go to the back as Bad Influence cut a promo on Gunner and Storm as Daniels sits at a piano. The usual shenanigans ensue as we go to commercial.

BFG Series Qualifier: Bad Influence vs. Storm & Gunner

Bad Influence come out first followed by Gunner and Storm. Storm starts with Daniels. Storm gets some momentum going on Daniels as he tosses him around. Daniels tries to tag Gunner as he is rocked. Gunner tags in and resumes offense on a fresh Kazarian. Daniels grabs Gunner's foot from the floor and the heels turn the tables with quick tags on Gunner.

Gunner comes out of the corner with a double clothesline and tags Storm who speeds things up against Kaz. Storm stacks him up but Daniels breaks the count. Gunner back in now. He hits a running knee to Kaz and goes for the Torture Rack but Daniels breaks it from behind and tosses Gunner to the floor. Storm takes care of both opponents and waits for Kaz to get up for the Last Call. Daniels hits Storm from behind with the title belt as the ref is distracted and Kaz rolls Storm up for the win.

Winners by pin: Bad Influence

- Crimson is approached in the back for comments. He says he has been gone for a year and he will not answer any questions.

- Velvet Sky has an envelope in the back. She wants to give it to Mickie James and make everyone happy.

- Crimson makes his entrance in the arena. He gets in the ring and pauses for dramatic effect. He talks about the numbers 470 and 12. He says those numbers have been consuming him as the crowd gives him the "WHAT" treatment. He says he was undefeated for 470 days and when defeated, he was sent home for 12 months. He says he is no longer consumed with numbers and he is going to win the BFG Series and will start with Joseph Park.

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