This week provided the second episode of Impact Wrestling from Atlanta, GA. It was coined the Bound for Glory selection show, determining who would be the participants to potentially win and receive a world title match at Bound for Glory.

The beginning segment was nothing very special to start up the show. It seems as if every week, we get Hulk Hogan, someone from Aces and Eights, or both to open up. Eventually (if not already, to many) it will get stale and uncreative. Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode was necessary to be involved in the opener, since they won the previous two BFG series.

Bad Influence vs. Storm/Gunner was an above average match, and the result was good. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian would benefit in the BFG series more, since they do not have the tag titles. Sadly, James Storm will be on the sidelines this year, which is not good to help the strength of the participants. It would be interesting if one of them make the final four. Namely, Christopher Daniels.

Good backstage segment, new look, and in-ring promo by Crimson, only to lose to Joseph Park. I know he has been spending his time in OVW, but he should have got called back up to the main roster and been a part of the BFG series. Although I think the Joseph Park character is funny, adding him to the list of participants is a bad idea.

The in-ring segment between Mickie James and Velvet Sky was a good way to bring interest back to the Knockouts division. It also looks like we saw a full heel turn by Mickie James, which was inevitable. The slow build that caused the Mickie turn was good, and it should bring some focus back on Velvet Sky as the vengeful babyface.

Magnus vs. Kenny King vs. Matt Morgan vs. Rob Terry was a decent match, but a bit disappointing. I am glad that Magnus won (he should be a top candidate to win the whole thing), but Matt Morgan should be in the series as well. Another missed opportunity on Morgan, and it continues to surprise me how he can keep tolerating the glass ceilings that TNA create for him.

Very intriguing in-ring promo by Sting. His tweet did end up being deeper than what was on the surface, as it set up his announcement that the Main Event Mafia will be returning. Honestly, this is fairly exciting news.

The only puzzling thing about this "new" MEM is will they consist of old members? Will they still go by the credentials of having to be a former world heavyweight champion? Very intrigued to see how this pans out. Based on the old version, Sting, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe are the only three active TNA wrestlers that would qualify. Booker T is with WWE, and I doubt if Kevin Nash will be making a TNA return. Scott Steiner could still be an option to come back, though.

Austin Aries vs. Eric Young was a good match, and it made sense for Aries to win and be on the list of BFG series participants. Eric Young would have been a good darkhorse participant as well, seeing how he is still very over with the TNA crowd.

The Aces and Eights battle royal was a waste. If I had to get anything from that, it would be the possibility of D.O.C. leaving the group soon. In the long run, this would not be a good idea, seeing how this is the best possible option for him right now.

Of course Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles was a good match, but AJ getting the win was not preferred. Instead, it would have been a better idea for Aces and Eights to attack both of them, causing the referee to call a no contest. This way, both would advance, and we wouldn't have the misfortune of not seeing Kurt Angle in the BFG series. The only positive about what transpired is we will most likely see Angle in the MEM with Sting.

So, based on Slammiversary and Impact Wrestling, here are the wrestlers who are in the BFG series:
*Samoa Joe
*Jay Bradley
*Bobby Roode
*Christopher Daniels
*Jeff Hardy
*Joseph Park
*Austin Aries
*Mr. Anderson
*AJ Styles

Which ones do you think should not be on this list, and which wrestlers that lost do you think should be on the list? Sound off below.

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