Views From The Turnbuckle: Payback Review, A Few Storm Clouds On An Otherwise Sunny Day

The most frustrating part of the night for me was the outcome of Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio. That match was quickly becoming one of the better matches either man has been in, but the finish with Ziggler being crushed by ADR as he nursed a head injury was terribly maddening. Del Rio's aggressiveness and his borderline cheap shot on Ziggler outside the ring gave the hints of a heel turn. However, it strikes me as a no-win situation for ADR. If he turns heel it will be his second turn of the year, and if he stays face he will continue to get weak pops, especially now as Ziggler's valiant effort showed an admirable side that may not have been present previously to tonight. The title should have stayed on Ziggler, this was the most obvious decision of the night really. Dolph gets bigger pops AND more heat than ADR could ever get, and that is a real disappointment.

AJ vs Kaitlyn was probably the best women's match to take place in the WWE in a long time. AJ is easily the most over female and really the only indispensable Diva on the roster. In addition, with the exception of Natayla and perhaps Layla, she is the best worker as well. Her destruction of the bright and friendly Kaitlin, it showed a cerebral side of AJ, one that makes her the most interesting female character in at least the last 10 years.

The Intercontinental Title match to start the show was a very good opening matchup. Curtis Axel is being heavily pushed, and as the IC champion, that means the belt will be in the spotlight. Wade Barrett is being wasted, but not everyone can be used to perfection. The finish was pretty creative and made Heyman look very good as a manager.

Overall I would give the show a 4 out of 5. There was a lot to like about the show, and it was thoroughly entertaining, but there were just a few little slip-ups that prevented it from being a truly memorable show. It did leave a lot of interesting talking points for tomorrows Raw, such as who will be Cena's next challenger, what is next for CM Punk and how will the Orton/Bryan feud make out. We shall see tomorrow and over the next few weeks to see just where the WWE is headed with all of this.

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