WWE RAW Results - Brock Lesnar Returns, Mark Henry Teases Retirement, More

- Still to come, Punk vs. Del Rio. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Henry is backstage walking. Renee Young approaches him for comment. Henry says he had everyone fooled and calls them puppets. Henry challenges Cena for the WWE Title.

Heath Slater vs. Chris Jericho

We go to the ring and 3MB is waiting. Out next comes Chris Jericho.

They go at it and Jericho strikes first. Jericho with chops. Slater turns it around drops him for a 2 count. Slater runs into a big boot. Jericho comes back with shoulders. Jericho comes off the second rope and then hits a bulldog. Drew McIntyre gets a cheap shot in on Jericho for another 2 count. Slater slams Jericho and misses a knee drop from the ropes. Jericho with a bulldog and a moonsault. Jericho hits a Codebreaker for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

- After the match, Drew tries to attack but Jericho ducks it and hits a Codebreaker. Jericho clears the ring and his music hits.

- Heyman is backstage talking with Curtis Axel. Matt Striker approaches for comment. Heyman says he's the best friend of the best in the world. He says friends need space and wants Striker to talk about Curtis Axel.

Sin Cara vs. Curtis Axel

Back from the break and The Miz is out for commentary. Sin Cara comes out first followed by new WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel with Paul Heyman.

Curtis attacks and goes for an early pin attempt. Cara gets in some offense and dropkicks Axel out of the ring. Axel comes back in and knocks Cara out of mid-air. Axel with kicks and a back suplex for a 2 count. Cara counters with an inverted DDT and covers for 2. They trade shots but Axel drops him with a knee to the gut. Axel runs into boots and then a kick from the corner. Cara comes off the top rope but Axel counters and moves. Axel nails his DDT finisher for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel

- After the match, Axel talks trash to The Miz and they stare each other down.

- Still to come, Punk vs. Del Rio in the main event.

- Back from the break and they say Daniel Bryan is being evaluated for nerve damage but will face Dean Ambrose on SmackDown.

- Vince McMahon is backstage with Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero. He asks what they're going to do about Mark Henry. Henry vs. Cena is announced for Money in the Bank. Triple H and Stephanie cmoe in and argue about how out of control everything is. Vince tells Vickie to listen to him. Triple H says listen to him and they walk off. Stephanie tells Vickie she knows who to really listen to.

- CM Punk is backstage when Paul Heyman walks up to wish him luck and hug him before the match. Heyman praises Punk as he walks off.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio make their way out for tonight's non-title main event before we go to commercial.

Back from the commercial and out comes CM Punk without Paul Heyman. The bell rings and they go at it. Punk unloads and sends Del Rio to the floor for a breather already. Del Rio comes back in but Punk unloads with kicks and he goes back to the floor to regroup. The crowd boos Del Rio. Punk catches him on the floor and beats him into the barrier. Punk with a big chop before bringing it back in. Del Rio meets Punk with kicks and stomps away. Del Rio with a kick to the head for a 1 count. Del Rio keeps control until Punk comes back and goes for a GTS. Del Rio slides out and retreats to the floor again. Punk runs the ropes and dives out onto Del Rio. Fans chant for Punk as he goes to work on Del Rio's arm. Punk rolls Del Rio back in. Ricardo distracts him, allowing Del Rio to take control. Del Rio goes to work on Punk's arm and kicks him to the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Punk starts to fight back. Punk with more kicks. Punk with a heel kick as he clutches his arm. Punk with knees. Del Rio ducks a kick and drops Punk on his arm. Del Rio with more offense and another pin attempt. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker but Punk blocks it and hits the high knee in the corner. Punk barely hits GTS and Del Rio rolls out of the ring. Del Rio leaves up the ramp with Ricardo as Punk looks on. As Del Rio heads up the ramp, he's attacked from behind by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler unloads on Del Rio as officials try to pull them apart. Ziggler chases Del Rio to the back and Punk is announced the winner.

Winner by Count Out: CM Punk

- After the match, Brock Lesnar's music hits and out he comes.

Lesnar stares Punk down from the stage before making his way to the ring. Lesnar takes the mic and comes face to face with Punk in the middle of the ring. Lesnar goes to speak but drops the mic and lays Punk out with a F5. We go to replays. Punk is shown laying face down as Lesnar smiles from the ramp. RAW goes off the air.

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